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1976 Pontiac Trans Am

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1976 Pontiac Trans Am

Currently a Stock suspension Drag Radial 76 Trans Am Street Car.
I use this car to try and test different combos depending on what I'm doing at that time. From a 12 second 400 street engine to a IA 535 cu.in. 8 second drag radial combo.
This is an original 455 4 spd HO car that was used in the mid 80's for road racing, street and show. I tranformed it to a street/strip car.
Power currently comes from an original Indian Adventures aftermarket block. 3" main.
4.390 bore
4.446 Modelx crank (originally a 3.25" crank). Now cut to 3" mains and my 455 to a 400 main bearing conversion kit installed.
Out of the box 89 cc E-heads with mild basic port clean up. 290/300 cfm.
Pump Gas. 93 octane.
Custom Dude Hydraulic roller cam.
Harland Sharp rockers with a stud girdle.
Beehive Copmp Cam springs.
1.80 Powerglide.
PTC custom converter.
Aluminum driveshaft.
4:10 9" Ford gear with 295/65 30" M/T drag radials.
Landrum Leaf springs, Caltracs, and 12 way Hal shocks.
Stock front suspension with Moroso springs and adj. shocks.
Power windows, tilt wheeel and all lights work.
2 1/8" into 2 1/4" pipes (Headers by Ed kit) into 4" collectors and mufflers.
Weight 3550 lbs.

Current goal is to show Pontiac people that a low 10 or 9 second pump gas N/A street combo can be done from our basic IA 2 Crate engines we sell.

Currently running a local 6.50 heads up index class. No nitrous, unported heads and 93 octane pump gas.
ATI ProCharger D1SC setup. Ran 9.90's at Norwalk 2004

Orlando Street Nationals: Drag Radial Class 535 76  TA.JPG Orlando20054.jpg Orlando 2003 BFR drag radials.JPG vmp 06 #2.jpg ATI ProCharger D1SC setup. Ran 9.90's at Norwalk 2004
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GTOKID Go get them KEN!!! 03-14-09
69goat101 nice ride and great numbers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 09-13-08
kandrgto67 You 'da man.....!!! 08-07-08
Pontiac Dude Currently running a 6.50 1/8th mile index class. No changes will be made as it runs the number I need. but as it has 6.30's in it easily. 01-30-08
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