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70 Lemans racecar " Lemanster"

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70 Lemans racecar " Lemanster"

General: 70 Lemans "Lemanster"
Best motor pass: 10.69 @ 127mph 1.48 60ft
Best Nitrous pass: 10.03 @ 136mph 1.46 60ft
Car weight: 3310 lbs.

I owned this car from 1988-2001 and more fun than I have ever had with any other car. When I bought it, it was Carousel Red and I put a relatively mild 455 in it and went racing. I had a blast thrashing it almost every weekend at Capitol Raceway and Budds Creek (MIR....Maryland Int'l Raceway). It was a consistant bracket car that ran 12.20's most of the time. As I got a couple spare dollars, I would put it into the car. I eventually got the 455 to run 11.20's w/ a hydraulic cam and cleaned up 62 heads. After discovering nitrous.....and the effects of nitrous when you apply it without moderation, I went through a few engines trying to prove that I knew more than the experts did at NOS. I eventually got a 462 from a friend who had been street racing it in a 68 Chevelle for a couple years. It was my first "real" engine.....It had 670 heads that were ported, a solid roller cam, Warrior intake, aluminum rods, Ross pistons and alot of other goodies. I ran it for several years and it was a consistant 10.70-10.80 car that I would run up and down the East Coast from Lebanon Valley NY to Budds Creek Md. including passes at Capitol Raceway, Maple Grove, Englishtown, Mason Dixon, US13, and others. I eventually put the spray on that motor and I got some REALLY fun passes out of it. Even though it was 13.9:1 compression, it still made a difference. One of my most memorable experiences was at the Maple Grove Pontiac meet in 99 or 2000. I made a 10.74 pass on the motor off the trailer. I decided to run spray and just show off a little. On the first spray pass, I ran a 150HP shot and went 10.24 but wasn't satisfied. I went back to the trailer and swapped the jets to a 200HP shot. The car went 10.03 @ 136mph. Oooooh so close to my goal of a 9 second pass! I thought I could probably get a 9 if I made another pass and shortshifted it but I decided since it was the firat round of eliminations I may not get but one shot at it. I swapped the jets to 300HP pills and went back to the lanes. I dialed a 10.00 (lowest I could in that class) and went to the line. The guy beside me broke in the burnout. PERFECT!! I could spray and run out and still continue I thought. The lights came down and I hit the button and the gas pedal at the same time........It left like a truck hit me in the ass and I couldn't see anything!!! I knew it was on a mission and I wasn't lifting!! I pulled second gear with the front wheels still off the ground and when i did, it was only momentarily. It set back down and all I heard was the rev limiter as I was getting thrown forward because the car wasn't under power anymore. I had snapped the input shaft off the Turbo400 trans and was done for the day. Little did I know that it also hurt the engine....I would find that out later. I never got to get a 9 out of the car but there is still a chance. I sold the car to a guy named Bill Weisenburger in Va. and he is good friends with Greg and Jim Scites (who brokered the sale of the car). They still have plans on bringing this car back out to race. It has made about 5-6 passes since I sold it in 2001 but none that were indicative of what the car can do. This is the only car I have ever sold I really, really want back. One day......One day........

Year: 1970
Make: Pontiac
Model: Lemans

Front Suspension: stock w/ 90/10 shocks
Rear Suspension: stock w/ right rear airbag and adj. rear shocks
Rear Axle: 12 bolt 4.11 spool
Brakes: stock
Wheels & Tires: Weld Wheels

Paint & Body
Color: Pearl White
Graphics: Lemanster Dragon

Seats: JAZ racing buckets
Upholstery: aluminum
Carpet: none
Dash: custom aluminum
Gauges: Autometer
Shifter: Winters reverse pattern
Stereo System: Yeah...right!

Engine & Transmission
Type: Pontiac 462
Camshaft: .651/.651 274/284@ .050 106 roller
Cylinder Heads: 670 Ported
Valvetrain: roller
Induction: Warrior w/ 850
Exhaust: header extensions
Transmission: Turbo 400 w/ 10" Continental stall
Cooling: stock radiator

LAUNCH.JPG Lemanster sparks.jpg lemanster4.jpg ENGINE1.JPG towrig.jpg Lemanster6.jpg
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Author Comment Date
Polar-Pontiac Very Nice I like it way better than that blower car. 08-13-09
Nos_Lemans I remember the 10.03 pass but missed the blowing up pass. that was a good day 05-08-07
BrandiKay Awsome launch...Beautiful car!!!! 05-08-07
blue69bird Nice launch! 01-01-06
Pontiac462 The bendix on the starter was bad. Starter gear was hitting flywheel occasionally. Perfect timing for the pic! 12-13-05
KELTEKE Awesome, Whats the sparks from? 12-08-05
Pontiac462 I updated the tech info to include my best ET's. 10.69@127 on motor and 10.03 @136 on spray 12-01-05
tweety Sweeeeeeeeeet! What's it run? 12-01-05
cwolf Gotta Love those wheelstands 11-29-05
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