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78 Trans Am Strip/Street Car

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78 Trans Am Strip/Street Car

Year: 1978
Make: Pontiac
Model: Trans Am
Weighed in at 3640 full race weight with driver. I have since removed about 170 lbs off the car.

Front Suspension: Lakewood 70/30 Drag Shocks, Swaybars removed, SE polyurethane body mounts, tubular upper control arms
Rear Suspension: 50/50 rear shocks, SSM Lift Bars, new 5-leaf springs, 1/2" U-bolts
Rear Axle: GM 8.5 10-bolt 3:73 gears, Eaton 30 spline posi, Yukon 30 spline axles, Trans Adapt diff cover with girdle supports, axle ????? welded to center section, perches reinforced.
Brakes: Howes aluminum 2 piston calipers with slotted rotors, rears are stock with 72 Nova drums (3lbs lighter each) heavy duty pads/shoes
Wheels & Tires: Centerline 14x6 front, 15x9 rear Futura GLS Super Sports in street trim, Toyo 28x9x15 slicks on race day
Misc: Subframe connectors, 5 gal alumium fuel cell, Indian Adventures driveshaft safety loop mounted from the trans mount.
Paint & Body
Color: Primer Black
Seats: Front seats stock, rear seats long gone (back sheet-metaled up due to fuel cell in trunk).
Upholstery: What upholstery? Oh yeah, door pannels... and visors
Dash: stock...ish
Gauges: many aftermarket, most in dash in former A/C vents or radio bay, fuel pressure gauge on hood
Shifter: Hurst Pistol Grip
Stereo System: None

Engine & Transmission
Type: 400 Pontiac .030 over, TRW forged pistons, race prepped crank, rotating assembly balanced, ARP rod bolts, Milodon main studs (2-bolt block)
Camshaft: Comp Cams XE274
Cylinder Heads: Race ported (250CFM) 6X-8 milled .080 (9.35:1 CR), 1 piece RA IV long stem valves with 1.9IH, Schneider springs, Harland-Sharp 1.5 roller rockers, APR Head studs, custom pushrods
Induction: P-P Crosswind, Holley 750DP by AED, Prepped by P-Dude
Ignition: Mallory 91 series mech advance unilite distributor with HY-Fire IV box with rev control, Accell wires
Exhaust: Headman 1 3/4 headers with 3in Cherry Bomb Glasspacks and 3in turn downs
Transmission: Heavy duty TH-350 with red clutches, HD sprag, manual valve body, Boss Hoss 2800 stall converter, Polyurethane trans mount
Cooling: 2 core aluminum radiator, hi-flow belt driven aluminum waterpump plus a flex fan w/o clutch. Have drag race electric waterpump drive kit (not installed yet)

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Author Comment Date
Johnny406 I got it running and broke in before deploying. She runs strong, can't wait to race it!! 05-13-07
BrandiKay Nice set up 12-19-06
Johnny406 New motor is more or less in. I hope to have it running soon, buying a new house dampers progress!! 06-27-06
Johnny406 I'll let you know. I probably won't get the rear done before October as I have to go to a 14 week Army school. 04-12-06
steroidfreak84 hey i have a 79 TA im doing. stock 2:41 airplane gearing. when you install your new gear sets. what would you take for your old carier and gears? 04-07-06
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