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75 firebird

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75 firebird

Year: 1975
Make: Pontiac
Model: Firebird

Front Suspension: CE 90/10 drag shocks otherwise stock
Rear Suspension: munroe air shocks otherwise stock
Rear Axle: 10 bolt with 3.42 posi
Brakes: stock other than line loc
Wheels & Tires: front-2.05 70 15 rear 2.55 60 15 stock rims on front white spoke on back/use full wheel covers on street
Misc: CE bolt-in subframe connectors and CE slide-a-link bars

Paint & Body
Color: grey primer, bondo, bare metal, with a little bit of the original yellow & blue repaint still showing through
Graphics: V-8 emblems from a pals 56 Ford pick-up on front fenders, if they count as graphics

Seats: white (for now)
Upholstery: black
Carpet: black
Dash: black
Gauges: stock idiot lights with S/W temp and oil guages added in in factory location for ralley guages
Shifter: stock for now
Stereo System: 200 watt Pioneer CD with 5" speakers in doors and 6 by 9s in the rear (loud enough for me)

Engine & Transmission
Type: 455 Pontiac
Camshaft: 272 Crane energizer
Cylinder Heads: 6-X
Valvetrain: stock other than adjustable rockers
Induction: Edelbrock sp-2p with 4 hole 1" spacer
Exhaust: flowtech headers flowtech race readies 21/4" duals with 2 chamber Raptor mufflers
Transmission: rebuilt TH-350 with stage 2 trans-go shift kit and converter 200 rpm over stock
Cooling: 4 row rad from 80's G-body

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Author Comment Date
tweety Hey, thanks Sean. Guess I haven't been in here for a while. 12-04-06
Formula77 Thats is a nice set of pics Dad. 07-28-06
tweety My new 463 is well underway, maybe someday I'll get this thing finished 05-09-06
colorsand I like the look, as i have owned a 76 esprit in the past. My father always said "mechanicals first, then paint" 02-22-06
tweety car ain't jinxed, just don't like being called she, sides you could always run a good number with it 01-23-06
Twt'soldlady car is jinxed....it just don't like the ladies. Glad he has that monster and not trying to do it to the DD. 01-22-06
PhatDaddy I Like it man....Put some autometer gauges in her I know youll like them...:-) 01-12-06
tweety Just high 13's so far 12-24-05
Taman What did ya run at the track 12-22-05
FIREDup6975 Gotta love thos 75s!!! 12-03-05
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