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68 Pro Street Firebird

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68 Pro Street Firebird

General: 68 Pro Street Firebird
Year: 1968
Make: Pontiac
Model: Firebird
I bought this car in 2001 and it was a roller when I got it. I took the engine out of my Lemanster (70 Lemans bracket car) and drove around for a year w/ 13.9:1 compression and the cost of Cam2 was killing me. I decided to build a pump gas engine and I figured the easiest way to make a pump gas engine run good was with a blower. I started looking for Pontiac blower pieces and soon discovered they were scarce and the ones I did find were expensive. I had a 454BBC sitting in the corner for my Suburban and thought hmmmmmmmmmmm, I might be able to build that cheaper. Well, sadly it was VERY true. I used Ebay to find everything I needed and built a blown 468 BBC for under $3000. It helped that some crackhead approached me at a show and asked if I wanted to buy a blower and I ended up getting a 6-71 blower w/ Hilborn injection, belts, pulleys and idler for $150. I love crackheads!! I had a friend of mine, Bobby Conroy, repaint the car since he wanted to have a canvas to play with to try some flames out. He did the body and paint and it started to come together nicely. Anyway, I drove it for a another year w/ the Blown BBC in it but all my Pontiac friends started calling my mom names and wouldn't hang out with me any longer. I thought about selling it but didn't really want to. I got an offer I thought I couldn't refuse from someone at the DC World of Wheels. I told Greg and Jim Scites about it and they said that Bill Weisenburger, the guy who bought my Lemanster, said he would buy it if I ever wanted to sell it. I just thought Bill was just being complimentary when he said it but it turns out he was for real. As it turned out, I was on Ebay looking for a part for the Firebird when I stumbled upon the 70 GTO that I now own. I fell in love with the car and a deal was struck to sell the Firebird to buy the GTO. Bill Weisenburger is such a nice guy, he gave me the money for the Firebird and said to go look at the GTO. If it was what I wanted, buy it. If it wasn't, just come back home and give him the money back and I could keep the Bird if I wanted. Well, the GTO took the place of the Bird and I have had it for 4 years with no replacement in sight......but you never know! LOL

Chassis:Back half
Front Suspension: Stock
Rear Suspension: Ladder bar w/ coilovers
Rear Axle: 12 bolt 4.11
Brakes: stock
Wheels & Tires:Weld Wheels

Paint & Body
Color: Black
Graphics: Purple and orange flames outlined

Seats: Racing seats
Upholstery: custom carpeted
Carpet: black
Dash: custom
Gauges: Autometer
Shifter: Hurst Quarter Stick
Stereo System: AM/FM w/ CD player

Engine & TransmissionChevy 468 w/ 671 Blower / Turbo 400
Camshaft: Solid
Cylinder Heads: square port closed chamber
Valvetrain: solid
Induction: 671 BDS Blower w/ dual 750 Edelbrock carbs
Exhaust: 3" all the way to the back
Cooling:Aluminum radiator w/ dual fans

BIRDWOW.JPG BIRDWOW2.JPG Bird 51.JPG P2090433.JPG pics 535.jpg birdint7.JPG
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FireBird455 nice car to bad its got a chebby engine 02-22-10
TNLionsFanatic Sweet - Pro Street! 03-18-06
Roadrage David nice car to bad is hase a cheby in there 12-25-05
FIREDup6975 Damn!!!!!! 12-03-05
cwolf Cool 11-29-05
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