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1967 Tempest

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1967 Tempest

General: Not A Show Car, A Real Driver
Make: Poncho
Model: Tempest 2 door post car

Front Suspension: custom springs, boneyard sway bar, street/strip shocks
Rear Suspension boxed arms, street/strip shocks, moved shock mounts 1"
Rear Axle: stock granny-geared peg leg now, that's the next upgrade....
Brakes: stock drums all 4 corners
Wheels & Tires: Crager Street Stars, 14's front, 15's rear, Cooper Cobras because that's all they had that matched the offset rims sizes at the local tire store when I bought the car....
Misc: I have less than $3500 into this car.....

Paint & Body
Color:White flaking 80's Earl Schieb hack job

Interior Was originally Aqua, previous owner coverted it to Black ala the Auto Zone method...
Seats:front covered with cheesy black fuzzy generic seat covers, rear covered with a piece of black vinyl stock
Upholstery: looks like some hobos were using it as a hide out
Carpet: replacement black, installed half-assed
Dash: pad is cracked, surround around gauges was painted with a brush in poor taste
Gauges:stock, previous owner sawed out clock, so I put a tach there, temp gauge under dash
Shifter: column shift with a cheesy chrome skull from the flea market
Stereo System: Sony CD/MP3 deck with 2 15's in the trunk and a 1000 watt amp, 6x9's, 3" door speakers

Engine & Transmission
Threw out the 326 and built a:
Type: 1973 400
Camshaft: RAIII
Cylinder Heads: Not sure, someone ground off the codes and tried to stamp em 4x, I think they are 216 heads.... ported mildly
Valvetrain: BB chevy, 1:1.65, rhoades lifters, the pushrods are around .030 longer than stock
Induction: mildly ported Edelbrock Performer, ancient Carter "Performance" AFB
Exhaust: Hooker Comps, 2 1/2" duals, Flowmasters
Transmission:blown ST300 , looking for a th200r
Cooling:stock, electric fan, need to install the fan clutch.... when I bought the car, some fool had a flex fan attached with grade1 bolts......

Future Plans:Upgrade Tranny and install a floor shifter, Upgrade Rear, New Carb, drive the wheels off of it.....

IM001236.JPG 400small.jpg 1SIDE.JPG BackAttitude.JPG IM001235.JPG whiteshark.jpg
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adam_woodmancy i had a white 67 lemans when i was in high school.. looking at yours sure does bring back memories. :) 04-25-10
shawn e. sweet ride 06-03-06
HauntedKen next up- complete new wiring, a new rear, and of course, replace the blown ST300 with a th350 or th200r 05-21-06
HauntedKen that snow is the only snow it has ever seen--- I drove it home through 3 states in winter- BIG FUN with a sticky throttle bushing 05-21-06
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