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Question What's it worth?

Got a complete 12 bolt out of a 1969 Baldwin Motion COPO Chevelle. KQ numbered, all the right internal, little to no wear on posi case or gears, BUT it has been modified from coil suspension to leaf spring. ALL the old mounts have been removed including the Mickey Mouse ears. Has new clutches and seals, no drums.

What would a fair price be for this piece? I don't want to give it away but not looking for top $ either or i'd ebay it. Has to be rare, will definitly add value to right car. Not looking on retiring after selling the piece.

Local and COPO guys have been telling me it's an expensive piece but that is easy to say when your not buying. I know what I'd value the original motor from my car if I could find it but that's a dream. I also know alot of you have restored your cars with ALL the right parts so yo have a better idea than I do as far as value.

What do you think....rebuilt 1s go for 1600 on ebay but not with gm or copo parts.

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that is a tough one. it is only worth more than a standerd rebuilt one to someone who needs it. and the only person that would need it is someone restoring a Baldwin-Motion car( if the mods were don by them). anyone else would want the coil mounts and other factory mounts, and to them missing these items eventhough it has the other goodies would cost $$to fit in there car causing the purchase price to them to have to be lower. I would put it on the supercar mesage board and see if it gets any bites (www.yenko.net)
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I did post something there but some make it sound like gold and other dust. And I did run into someone who could use it but I don't know what is fair to both of us. Perhaps he does but is waiting on me. I was thinking 2500 but somehow it sounds greedy but I know i'd pay it if I needed it to complete my car cause it would increase the value of the car way beyond the investment of the axle. Sort of like the right motor for my car.
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Because it's been modify I'd say $1600 tops, bare housing go for
$500.00 (Chevlle) to $800.00 (Carmro) un-modify. $2500.00 is asking
a lot, maybe if it hadn't been modify it would be wroth that much.

Keep in mind, if it's a Chevlle rear and the buyer wanted to install
it in and original "1969 Baldwin Motion COPO Chevelle" he'd have to
convert it back over.
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but it is complete and fresh. right gears, posi,
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