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Tales From The Glory Days A forum to share old stories from the past pertaining to Drag racing, Street racing, Tricks, Techniques, and any other interesting story.

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Default Re: About this forum - Please read.

Originally Posted by INJUNTOM View Post
Not sure about everyone else, but I would think this forum can consist of stories involving any brand of car as long as it's an interesting story from the street.
Totally agree, it would be more interesting...
This forum start very well....
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Drag Racer
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Default Re: About this forum - Please read.

I should talk to my dad and get some of his stories from his glory days. Messing with cars is about all he ever had done. That includes his career and 'playing'. All kinds of things from a 46 Merc coupe with a Y-block Ford, a 56 Ford Crown Victoria glasstop with 312 and 2 fours, up to a 65 Vette he had for a short time that he put a LS6 454 in, and many, many more.

I sometimes tell people that I was a kid that grew up at a 100 MPH as my dad was ALWAYS a fast driver in his younger days. Didn't matter if it was asphalt or gravel either....
North Dakota's fastest REAL GTO.
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Default Re: About this forum - Please read.

That would be some interesting stores, I remember when I was 16 hearing about all the Ford Crown Victoria glass top with 312 and 2 fours and the Merc's Oldsmobile engines was the hot thing back then too.
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Default Re: About this forum - Please read.

the quickest car of the bunch was the 67 Chevelle 427- 2nd quickest was the 68 Firedbird 400- I actually tracked that 427 Chevelle down and found it had been sitting in a guy's yard, where it had been for about 10 years- later someone else bought it and has now done a frame-off resto on the car- supposedly it is a factory 427 car, but I never researched it to see for sure
Don't dare ever bring that up over on the Chevelle Tech forum. They will let you know very quickly that NO 66-7 Chevelles ever left the factory with a 427.
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Dav'76 TA, is your TA stock? I have a 76 50th sp. ed. that is not stock and i'm looking for someone who has some info with that year.
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"Rare?? '69 RA III GTO"


Newbie here and really excited about being able to get back in the 'Street' racing scene. (I don't do 'organized' Drag Racing, too many rules and too much $$money$$) I love the site by the way!

One of many stories from the "Good 'ol Days!"
Year, 1978, just turned 16. Car, '69 GTO RAM AIR III with a TH 400, Buckets with Console delete and Column Shift....Rare? I put more about the Car and how I got it in the "New Comers" section.

I am from Huntsville, AL and still live in the area. Back in 1978, Huntsville was a city of about 200K people. Not a big city, but, big enough to have plenty of fast Cars.

My Dad was a Chevy man, by no means a Racer, he just liked Chevies. So, while still shitting green, I too thought a Chevy was the only Car to own.

I do remember however, thinking that those old Mopars all painted up in Plum Purple, Panther Pink, Lime Green, Lemon Twist Yellow.....were cool too.

I bought my Goat when I was 3 months away from turning 16. My Dad and I went to take it out for a test drive. Dad let me drive.......mistake. We were on a 2 lane country road, going about 50 or so, Dad says "get down on it", with no reluctance, I pushed her on down, ran it up to about 110 and Dad says "that's fast enough son, this Car is too fast for a kid!" After some begging and pleading, he gave in and I bought the Car. Follow along with me here.......there my Car sat, me having no clue what I had nor it's potential. I did clean it up from front to back and top to bottom, including the Engine bay and put a set of L-60 Street Tires on it. Oh yeah, let's not forget the 8 Track Player I installed.

One of my best friends, Keith, was 3 years older than me and knew of some fast Cars in the area. One being a '68 Camaro with a souped up 396 and 4-Speed, said to be the baddest Car around, that was owned by an 'old man' Rockie, he was about 35...lol. He was also was friends with the local 'Chief Of Police' son, Tony, that owned a '74 SD 455 Trans Am with a TH 400.

The day finally came, I went and got my Driver License. First stop after dropping my Mom off, Keiths house, picked him and another buddy named Jerry up.

Leaving the Neighborhood. We turn out onto a 2 lane road, going about 35, Keith says, "let's see what it will do." Ofcourse, I was more than happy to do so. I ran it up to about 70 or so and Keith says, "this thing has got more than that!" By that time, we had slowed down to the posted speed limit of 35........we aint but a mile from the Police Station! About that time, once again, Keith says, "Kick it", I obliged. This time, Keith reaches over, snatches the shift lever into low, man did all HELL break loose! I don't know how long it had been since the old man that I bought the Car from had put his foot in it, but, I can tell you this, when the Secondaries of that old Quadrajet opened up, after the 2 second bog, it was just a blessing from God that noone else was in the oncoming lane! The Car broke traction, went almost completely sideways.........I am too busy fighting it to worry about shifting it into second, it shifted itself........you got it, when it shifted, here comes the ass end in the other direction, still spinning until I let out of it and finally getting it straightened back out. We were all in complete shock, to say the least.

Later that evening, we are cruising down a well known road for Street Racing, this one is a 4 lane. As luck would have it, along comes Tony in his '74SD 455 T/A. He pulls up along side of us, Keith riding shotgun, rolls down his window, says to Tony, "this is the Goat I have been telling you about, wanna see which one is faster?" Tony is confident he has the faster Car, his response, "how do you wanna run, from a dead stop or a roll?" I yelled to Tony, "lets go from a 30 MPH roll, I can't get enough traction to go from a dead stop." Tony is agreeable, we slowed to 30, Keith gives the go, I took him by an easy 3 Car lengths. Tony must not have wanted to go a second time, he turned off the first chance he got.

Another memorable race, same road, we are stopped at a red light. Four of us in the Goat this time......all the better for a true Drag Race in this Car. Along side pulls a '72/'73? Plymouth Road Runner, it was Black with White striping, 4-Speed Car, hitting a mean lick, it was a really sharp Car. At that time, I had never heard of a Mopar 400, but, that is what it said on the Hood.
There were no words exchanged, just the "hit the Throttle a couple of times and the Head nod as to say I am ready when the light turns green!" This was a great race, the Goat pulled hard from a dead start and when she was shifted into second, it really pulled. The light turned, we took off, I spun some but not too bad, side by side, him running a 4-Speed, he shifted into second and pulled me by about a fender, when I hit second, I regained and pulled him by about a fender. We ran up to about 120 MPH and when it was all said and done, I beat him by about half a Car length. He gave a little smile, with that "I can't believe I just got beat by a punk ass kid smirk on his face" and turned off.

I have probably a hundred stories about all the fun and races I had with that Car. Like most of us that love fast Cars do. I'll post some more as time allows. The one with the HEMI 'Cuda is a great one and i'll even tell of the one and only time I got beat.....i'll leave you in suspense on what it was.

I do know that the Car would run 12.70's to 12.80's, can't remember the MPH, only took it to the Drag Strip a couple of times. Some say it "had" to have had some work done to it or either it had a 428, to run those kind of numbers. Nope, it was as stock as the day it left the assembly line, with the addition of the L-60's. The local Garage/Gas Station, a Union 76, where my dad traded and had his major Mechanic work done, was owned by Ralph. Ralph had a huge book with I would guess every Engine made listed and the specs. in it. According to all the numbers, it was a 'true' RAM AIR III 400, #62Heads and yes it had factory A/C, TH 400, 3:23 10 Bolt and PS and PB.

I did have two Great Uncles that both worked for Pontiac from the mid 50's through the late 70's that told me, and I quote, "there aint no telling what someone may have done to that Car during assembly, we done things all the time just for kicks!" So, in all reality, who knows what was done to any given Car on any given day, back in the days when they could slip in a few tricks here and there for shits and giggles. I miss those two old guys, they were a wealth of information and a blast to just sit down and talk to about the "GLORY DAYS" of the true American Muscle!

Cool site. Be Cool.

"If it is a PONTIAC, it aint shit if it aint got a PONTIAC Engine in it!"
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Originally Posted by wixom View Post
Dav'76 TA, is your TA stock? I have a 76 50th sp. ed. that is not stock and i'm looking for someone who has some info with that year.
Wixom, I have sent you a pm. Sorry to be late.
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In 1969 I joined Royal Pontiac..about a week later I received a letter
saying Royal Pontiac was bought out by Leader Automotive owner
George DeLorean. I was looking to get into the 11's. George convinced
me that a Ram Air 1V motor was the way to go. I remember saving every
nickle and dime..and I finally had enough money to buy a complete Ram Air 1V
motor from Georage. The motor cost $900.00 complete carb to pan. In
those days it was called a blue printed motor.

I put the motor in my 1964 GTO...Georage installed and after market cam...redid the Q-jet...jets..metering rods. He also recurved the disb. 1964 GTO was the lightest one made and had the best weight transfer.

Georage had a great sence of humor..on the end of the cam he stamped Hi Louie.
Back in 68-1970 it was a big thing to get into the 11's. Pro Stockers where running high 9's. The NHRA record for my class was held by a good friend of mine with a 69 Chevelle...11.70.

I was able to run 11.90..the 64 GTO had a turbo 400 trans and a 4:88 gears
3800 stall converter. and ran 9's M&H slicks. They where called wrinkle walls
Of course it was striped...no back seat and had fiber glass front seats...aluminum wheels. Weight was a big thing so what ever you could take off the car was a big thing. I spent hours scraping off the under coating which was on pretty thick.
I shifted @ 6200 rpms.

Being married...but no kids at the time made it easy...but it didn't take long
before I gave in and sold the car for a down payment on a new house. It
was a tough thing to do. So we bought our first home in 1971. A three bed
room ranch...at the time we paid $21,000.00. Our mortgage payments including
taxes and insurance where $200.00 a month. I the guy who bought the 64 blow
the motor up...racing and never checking the oil. I tired buying it back a few times
but he wouldn't sell it.

Time went buy and some one bought it and put a SBC in it....yeah I know.
One day recently I was in our local Staples store. Looking for a card for my
camera. Can't remember how the conversation came up, but the sales person
once my name was mention...said are you Gach...yeah....I bought your old
1964 GTO....Wow 37 years later...and this guy still remembers me. He started
to tell me how many guys he beat with that car. Oh I remember how fast it was.
Amazing how some things stick in your mind and you never forget.
The things they hide, the way they spin things, the excuses that they make and the things they omit.
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The first time you cranked the engine must be engraved in your memory!
Is it the favourite car you owned?
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Ok, if you scoll down the page to the title "The Will To Win", I'm the one in the middle holding up the trans. That's a racing deal you never forget! Here's the link;

Here is a link to the feature on Chris's truck they did;

Notice the difference on the doors between friday night and after Saturday morning pictures? (I put the TTS decals on Saturday morning)
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In 1991 I had a 78 Grand Prix with a 400, #16 heads, a Crane Commander hyd cam with .495"/.505" lift, that is ten times better than the pos powermax with the same part number today, turbo 350, and 2.29 reargears. About 5300 rpm one night, the widshield popped and went into a billion pieces. You never seen someone slow a car down so quick!!! Of course my buddy that was with me was screaming at the top of his lungs some babble about we're gonna die nonsense.
He was always bragging about fast chevies were. I've never heard him say how fast chevies are since.

I miss that car. It was fast enough to get you out of the ticket everytime.
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A post I just made spark these thoughts.

I grow up in the muscle car era of the early 60's and 70's and thought it
might be interesting to some to hear what it was like.

In the early 60's when I was of age to get a drivers license I was influenced by the big cars of that era...421 Catalina's..427 Ford
Galaxies and 426 Mopar's....62..63..and some 64 big cars. Most
where Tri Power cars. 3 Duce's and a 4 speed. Automatic's where
unheard of.

There was a local hang out ( Bowling Alley ) when no one was around
you went cruising down the beach. You soon learned the big races would
take place late at night. There was always rumors who was the fastest.
There was 5-6 good spots to race..but you never knew which spot or
what time it was going to happen. This was to keep attention away from
big crowds showing up at these races.

There was still allot of 50's cars around...55..57 Chevy's with 327's
but by the time I started hanging around the big block factory cars
had taken over. Part of the reason racing was so big was we had a
local abandoned air strip turn into race track. Some of the biggest
guys in racing would show up. It was the old Charleston air port.
15 minutes from my house. Don Gartlis race there a few times and
many of the well knowns of today. There was about 5 guys on the
police force into racing..one was the chief of police who happen to
race a 61 Pontiac 421 Tri power Catalina. I later bought that car,
and still have the news paper cliping of him winning a big race.
He was called Mr. B-Stock in the news paper article.

Before you knew it guys were buying 64 GTO's the big cars where no match for the lighter GTO's. The 55 and 57..327 Chevy didn't stand
a chance. I think the biggest thing was it was a car you could buy off the show room floor and beat most of what was around. You didn't need to be very knowledgeable..none of the engine swapping and tunning. I'll bet there was a dozen of them around by the time 65-66 came around.
It was GTO against GTO in who had the fastest one...that title changed
hands at least once a month. It was who was the better driver/tuner.

It was exciting times every week end there was races. Then the people
started people who didn't like racing, it became a big battle. Those used
the excuse that the surrounding area was a Bird sanctuary and that drag
racing was distorying that area. Well they finally won and the track was
closed down. But it didn't stop racing..everyone turn to the streets.

More later
The things they hide, the way they spin things, the excuses that they make and the things they omit.
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My first car was a 62 Catalina...389 three speed 2 Barrel on the column.
With a bench seat...LOL I took out the three speed and put in a 4 speed.
The 2 barrel intake came off in went a 2x4 set up and cam I bought off
a friend who had it on his 61 Catalina. I didn't know anything about installing a cam..so I had a friend do it. The thing made allot of noise but
didn't go any were. I didn't know anything back then. Neither did my friend
we thought putting in this 3/4 race cam and two 2x4's the car would scream, and it probably would have if the valves didn't float. I later
after getting my butt kicked found out..that when every you put a 3/4
race cam in ( that's what we called them back in the day ) you also needed valve springs that would handle the cams lift and duration.

Seems like the friend I bought them from had the same problem. He
didn't know any better either. I wanted a GTO..but my father wouldn't
let me buy one. Boy was he pissed when he found out I put the 2 fours
and 4 speed in the car. Disappointed I took every thing off and put the
car back to original. Finally I convinced my father into letting me buy a
GTO. We went to the local Pontiac dealer..in the lot was sitting a 1965
GTO Tri Power 4 speed...WOW! I said I'll take that one for a ride.
Man did that thing screw. My father was old school while I was out he
was drilling the salesmen..whom he knew.

The minute I pull in to the dealership...he came right up to the car
and said your not buying that car..boy was I pissed. I ended up with
a 1966 GTO...4 barrel automatic...that a friend of his had traded.
Christ he even called the guy to make sure it was a good car. The
65 GTO had been raced and had a cam in it..but he was having no
part in that car. The 66 GTO was a nice car..but to me it was a dog
family car...LOL

I hated it and let him know just about every week..My dad was a great guy my hero. There isn't a day goes by I don't think of him. He did some
thing that really surprise me...brought tears to me eyes. he Kept this quit.
Here's a guy when challenged would take on anything. One day a couple
of friends where over...one of the things we'd do is have running contest.
Just for some thing to do, Dave was the fastest..man he could out run
anyone. My father speaks up and says..well lets see how fast you are.
We where kind of laughing..I said dad there's no way you can beet him.

Well he insisted..I figured he's old..he was 45. I was 16. Off they went and he beets Dave..we where all standing around with our jar hanging out.
From that day on my friends opinon changed...my father in allot of ways was like a big kid.

One day he says I have some thing to do this Saturday and I need your car..I said ok. Time past and I never thought anything of it..but always
wonder why he needed my car. He had taken my car and gone to a Pontiac dealer and with out me knowing traded my 66 GTO for a bran
new 1968 GTO 4 speed 400. The 400 4 barrel Ram Air-11 was they car
to own. One day he says what are you doing tomorrow..nothing speical
why..well I have to go pick some thing up and I need you to take me.
I said ok. he even bought it out of town. The next morning we hop in
the car..he has to drive. As we're driving I'm thinking where's is he going.

The dealer was in Conn. About a halve hour later we are pulling into
this Pontiac dealer...Blue Ribbon Pontiac..I'm like holy shit what are
you doing here, he looks at me and says picking up your new car. I'm
like..oh no! he traded for a Catalina of some thing stupid like that. We
gone in and he's talking to the salesmen...salesmen says c'omn it's
behind the fence. As I'm walking I see nothing but New GTO's
he walks up to this Yellow 68 GTO turns around and hands me the
keys. Then starts explaining all the options. I freak out! I couldn't
believe it. Of course he had to drive it home to make sure everything
was alright. He kept asking me now can you afford they payments
No problem...of course he knew that already.

The history of they 68 GTO next..
The things they hide, the way they spin things, the excuses that they make and the things they omit.
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Buy this time the older guys where gone sold there car and gotten married. It was like a new era the big chevy to own was the Z-28 Carmros
You could buzz them to 8 grand. I had taken my 66 GTO and gone to a Chevy Dealer...with out my father knowing...my uncle had co-sign for me, and bought a bran new 1968 Z-28..of course my father flip out. I had it about a three days...and didn't like it. To me my 66 GTO seem like it was faster...altough it wasn't. The Z-28 had solid lifters and they were pretty noisy. Long story short I bought it on Friday and Monday I took it back. With my father fliping out and figthing with my uncle for co-signing. Later I found out why my dad flip out.

The 68 GTO turn out to be AWESOME car..to this day I don't know why
but it had 350 emblems on the rocker panels..I know the 66 Tri power
GTO's made 360-hp...so I never under stood what the 350 stood for.
I think it was a freaky thing and got put on their by mistake. Who knows.
Buy this time there was 4-5...Z-28 Carmro's. in town. I knew it was deffinatly faster then my Z-28. A few weeks after getting the GTO my
buddy Rick bought a new Z-28..I drove him down to pick it up. On the
way home we raced twice and I beet him. He kept saying it was because
it was new and not broken in yet.

As time went buy guys where going to Conn Drag way with the Z-28's
As it turn out out of the 4-5 that was around Herb had the fastest one.
With 4.88 gears and dumps..slicks it ran 13.60's. He claimed the title
of the fastest car in town. I always knew I could beet that car..by this
time I took the car back to the dealer had them put 4.33 gears in car.
Had a friend in Conn..that did disb and had him recruve mine ( to this day
he still does them ran into him a few weeks ago ) in was also into Pontiac's. I wanted to be sure I could beet that Z-28.

So I drove the car to Conn Drag Way ( which was about and hour and
15 minutes away ) With Closed exhaust 4:33 gear I ran 13.60. I guess
Herb found out about it. Many times I'd pull into the new hang out
I'd pull in he's drive away...LOL One thing the 68 would do. If you shifted
above 55 rpms it would float the lifters..some time the clutch would go
to the floor and stay there. So I ended up putting a three finder none
diafram pressure plate in and some after market lifters. Back to the drag strip
no headers closed exhaust 13.20's...WOW!.

Herb on week ends was no were in site...LOL Next was tricking out the
carb..rejeting changing the metering rods. My friend Jim who did disb
was up on all this. Headers went on next..the 68 would lift the front end
and the car would hook unbelievable..Jim was always excited about the
car...and always told me it was the fastest GTO he ever road in. Back
to the drag strip With open headers 12.70...WOW! Jim really knew his stuff..I knew nothing and was still learning all this. Guys would mention
blue printed engine and I had no clue. But Jim would always fill in the

Now for the title of fastest car in town..coming up next.
The things they hide, the way they spin things, the excuses that they make and the things they omit.
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The 68 ran in E/S..the cars that ran in that class...Z-28's...390 Ford's
and 383 Road Runners can't remember the rest. One of the guys who work
the Chritmas tree at the trackl owen Gorton Tire & Speed. A speed shop in Conn. Back then
you raced for trophy's. The E/S National record was held by and Olds
the record was 12.70. Hell I never knew untill some ask me how I got
the car to run on the record. The 68 was a sepical car and I always
felt it was because my dad had pick it out.

On the street I beet allot of Chevlle's and Carmoro's, buy this time
The 396 RS 68 Carmoro's had hit the streets. But the 68 Hook big time.
Finally the guys got to Herby and it was either put up or shut up.
I'll never forget that night there had to be what seem like 100 guys
at that race...he had made changes to his Z-28..but it never went
faster then 13.20's. I had him by about 2-3 cars out of the hole and
it stayed that way till the end..we raced the best 2 out of 3. That
night when I went home..the first thing my brother said to me was
Now you have the fastest car in town.

Next.....It didn't last long though
The things they hide, the way they spin things, the excuses that they make and the things they omit.
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