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Default Astrodome Madness

I lived on the new outskirts of Houston from 1955 to 1966. I watched the Astrodome go up, played in it during construction, and later loved the beautiful paved roads they put in around it. Racing ground. Two lanes going each way, a 20 foot grass apron down the middle and on each side with a chain link fence to keep people out.
I ran a 1962 Catalina, four speed, tri power, 08b engine, with a GTO shifter, 3.90 posi gears, and I had a set of Goodyear Blue Streak slicks for drag racing. I put triangle cut out plates about a foot back from those beautiful flowing cast iron manifolds. The car was air conditioned. My dad bought the Pontiac because Chevy did not put air on the 409 motor. The car was 4 bl but I got trips off a friends GTO he was trading in. I also put an 068 GTO cam in it. The car ran 14.26 consistently and beat most comers in D stock. My dad moved up to a 65 GTO which I still have.

One day a guy stops at my house in a white Corvette. I do not remember the year or the engine it had in it. He was a rich kid. He wanted to race my 62 for a whopping purse of 5 bucks. OK. I put my slicks on and uncorked the exhaust. We went out to the Astrodome and went from a slow roll. The big Pontiac pulled like a freight train and we ran away from the Corvette. I was in the right lane.

My buddy, Rod Driskill, was following behind me in his 64 GTO, tri power and automatic. Eddie Frackowiak was in the car with him. Well, I closed quickly on a grandpa cruising along. I changed lanes and went by him.
The open pipes scared him and he hit the brakes. Driskillís view was obstructed by my car and he was going full tilt when he realizes he is in trouble and going to rear end the old man.

I see him in my rear view mirror jumping over the curb onto the grass berm before the chain link fence. How both tires did not pop I will never know. He is fishtailing back and forth and green sod and mud is flying everywhere. The rear quarter of the GTO is banging on the chain link fence and Driskill is fighting to keep it straight. I am sure the old man dropped his false teeth when the GTO goes past him on the grass berm throwing debris as he goes.

Well, he missed grandpa, I got the 5 bucks, and Rod told his folks a guy ran him off the road. Allís well that ends well.
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