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Default Friends.

Originally Posted by Scott Roberts View Post
I would like to go on record saying phuck em... I have built a friendship with Maurice over the years... He has always spoken very highly of the KRE crew. I always respected the fact he was being treated right by them and we always left it at that. I never imposed my opinions on him and he never did on me. I would tell him i was happy they were treating him good and building him good motors. We had a mutual respect for each others situations and just talked about racing in general. I always wished him the best and publicly praised his record pass. I didnt care who sponsored me and had any concern of backlash from them. Maurice has always been a very honest and straight up guy with no ill will twards anyone as far as i could tell... Honestly, it kinda pisses me off to see how this is hurting him, not just with racing but mostly with the friendship HE felt they all had! Does this situation suprise me, not really, Does Maurices pain give me pleasure just based on the player...NO! I dont wish this situation on anyone, especially Maurice... Im dont ranting and will also let this situation lay....
Scott, this post is why I consider you a good friend. ( even without ever meeting you in person).

I believe/know that our honesty with each other is why we are friends.

Good luck, and have fun building your car with your boys.

Thank You again, my good friend.


PS, Huge statement Scott, thank you again.
Quote "I didnt care who sponsored me and had any concern of backlash from them".

I did.
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Originally Posted by Steve C View Post
Hate to say I told you so !!!

I posted this in Oct 2006:

"As a community many will now have to ask themselves in good conscious where they want to spend their hard earned money. Do they deal with honorable people or not."
Now aint that the truth...
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I'll take your stand on your position as a plus. I was relentless in my persuit of fairness during the butter block debacle a few years back and you came down very hard on those of us you spoke up. Plus we remaine to this day marked men on the PY forum. I always state that it will always come out in the wash. And you have found out what we all knew.

In all fairness to cause of objectivity, when thier timing cover came out I called them on the phone and enquired about it 3 times. never got a returne call.

When thier Hemi billet heads came out I stated interest in them and got my ass handed to me by others on PY because I took the stand i did on the butter block issue in the past. Ignoring thier pissy winey flaming. I called KRE like 5-6 times about those hemi heads. never got a call back.

Stallion, I respect your loyalty to them. but it got a little dirty at times when we defended the positions of quality, ethics and business practice. Welcome back from the edge.
Guess I'll never know, but also i guess I dont have a reason to change my opinion either.
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Originally Posted by PontiacKid73 View Post
i second that.
I think their finally figure it out, it's not just the economy stupid but this little club they have going on. then they tired doing something about it, to little to late. It has turn people off from the Pontiac hobby. they've divided the hobby so bad that I don't think it will ever recover. What you'll see it coming down to one event Norwalk. People are just sick of the poltics.
The things they hide, the way they spin things, the excuses that they make and the things they omit.
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And they are trashing a new website called GTOtek,com or something like that. Kinda disapointing that we cant expand the community. Ccass lost control when too few individuals dictated rules and enforced them selectively to punish people who called them out on thier bs. One person, Auntie bea was caught red handed involved in criminal wrong doing and was rewarded with greater responsability over there. He also flashed his new tit job and totaly disrespected veterans, Ccass' response was as shocking as the origional behavior. He totaly missed the point that it harmed his site. He attacked the very people who warned him that this was occuring.

Now its a mess. people trying to sell things outside the advertising section. people putting threads in the wrong area and its not getting caught and rectified. Some people are worshiped over there and are trying to rewrite pontiac history. Dont dare cross them! and there are the junk yard dogs that simply bark on command and flame others. And now a new website emerges and it is bad mouthed as smoke and mirrors.Alot of real and authentic technical knowlege has moved on. REK's greed brought them down. Cast a shadow over the whole community.

By their deeds you shall know them

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