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Talking 73 Lemans Info Wanted

Ok, I looked all over and can't seem to find anything....

I can get a 73 Lemans (Not Can Am)(shucks) for 800 bux... the body is decent, minimal rust... The engine is a 350, that I know... and that's it.... it's impossible to get under the car right now, I know it was running, it's been sitting for 2-3 years and needs a carb (someone stole it).... I am primalrily interested in maybe parting some stuff out for my 67 Tempest with a built "400"

The Lemans probably has a th350, correct? This should bolt into the Tempest in place of the ST300, correct? (Blew up the ST300 eiththe 400, duh....)

Any idea what rear end is in here? It should bolt in as well, right? Any chance of it being a posi? 10 bolt?

And any info on the heads? I am not familiar with the 350 poncho motor at all....

Thanks in advance, I looked for an hour and couldn't find anything that is 73 Lemans-specific.......

Once I strip the car out, if I buy it, I will probably turn it into a drag car, possibly a Can Am clone 455, th400, ford rear end, etc....

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These are my absolute favorite Pontiacs. I've owned 4 1973 LeMans', 3 1973 GTOs, no 1973 Grand Ams (yet).

There are a few sites dedicated to the 1973-77 Pontiac A bodies. Here's the best, by far: http://www.abodysite.com

The heads are likely 4Cs which are about worthless. They're AIR heads.

Posi is unlikely but not uncommon.

Can Ams are based on the 1977 LeMans.

Post pics whn you get it.
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I been restoring one for a couple of years. Mine is original and runs great. I rebuilt the supension, brakes added duel exhust, and side louvers like the GTO. A very fun car and fwew and far between.

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No the rear end is different & will not bolt right in. Te axle size is different to. The axles are bigger. Not many of if any of the body parts will or can be used in your 67 LeMans. You can swap over the front brakes if you do it complete with the spindles & all the other brake parts which will give you the advantage of doing like a big brake kit on your 67.
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I love the 73's as I bought mine new & have been the proud owner for all these years. If i can be of any help please just ask as I am glad to help on my fav. car.
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I have posted in this section before but didn't look at all the past comments & I have to say & this isn't ment to be mean but you guys don't know anything about my favorite car the 73 GTO. The parts from the 73 A-bodies are different from all the other A-body year cars. The frame is completely different along with the rear ends & front end parts. bigal6030, the rear side louvered windows don't belong to the GTO only they can be had on the reg. LeMans to. Also if you added the louvered windows to your reg. AD coupe LeMans you are 1 hell of a body man because you have to change the roof or the entire side of the roof to make them fit as that is the only way & is a really big job. Very costly to. MydnightMyst, to start the 4C & the 4X heads that came on most of the 73 car engines are pretty good heads & breath good for the engines they are on. Whether you had the 4C or 4X heads the engine put out 230 HP NET HP. That figures back to the engines that they figured as GROSS HP right at about 325 HP. The 73 was the better of the 73-77 engines as far as HP in any of the Pontiac cars including the T/A's. As far as AIR heads they are not. They do have a built in EGR valve but as long as it was hooked up correctly it was disabled after the 1st 51 seconds of the car running. But the heads did breathe as good as any earlier model Pontiac other then the Ram Air heads. Now before you turn that car into a drag car or some kind of clone you have to know a bit more about the 73. It has 1/4 panels that are 1 year only so that makes them more valuable then the 74-76 1/4 panels. Also keep in mind that the 73 cars are better handling & better stopping & better riding cars then ANY of the previous A-body cars made by Pontiac. They are also easier to work on because they have more room to work on them in any compartment. I guess what I'm saying is your scraping the wrong car, & now if you need info for the 73-77 all you need to do I ask me & I can help.......
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Guys I don't know everything about the 73-77's but I do know a lot about them so if you need help I can give you any help you may need. I've had mine now for 43 years & have worked in dealerships for 33 years so I do have a good grasp on things when it come to cars. New & old, including my babies the 73 GTO.
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