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For a TV program to work you have to have the drama to get the ratings & sell the advertising spots. They are in the entertainment business and making money at it.
That's what the uninitiated racing viewers tune in to see. Just like sex the drama helps sell the show and get the demographics the advertisers are interested in and willing to pay advertising time for . Sometimes the Jerry Springer /Wrestlemania antics get over exaggerated and quite often get way out of hand , but the producers want to "gin it up"
to increase the drama of the show.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Its a very lucrative TV money deal. You can pick it apart from a technical point of view but the" SHOW" formula works as long as they don't get stale with the format and maintain the feel that "this is going down right now for real" and to a large extent it is.
People are betting money, are racing,breaking,winning and yes even crashing their shit.

Even NHRA creates some drama on their broadcasts of national events albeit to a lesser degree but they are still trying to pump up rivalries and do personal interest back stories on the racers to generate fan interest and fan followings/racer loyalties just like NASCAR does.
That brings in advertising dollars & sells merchandise.
__________________________________________________ ________________________
The tower does not shut off the clocks. They just do not put the times up on the score boards for all to see. Only win lights are displayed.This is to keep a street race flavor to it and keeps everyone guessing especially when negotiating a match race deal for money.
The racers may get a time slip (they may even be split) unless by agreement time slips are being withheld . If you have a data recorder you probably don't need the slip but it helps to compare with the recorder and makes the tuning adjustments more accurate.

They would do the same thing at a pinks all out ,Arm Drop Live , all out live event.

Same deal at a street race grudge night drags at any track where the racers do not want their times displayed. That's been going on for thirty years or more that I am aware of. Some street hitters will come out to test and they will have a marker on the car for "NO TIME" and the tower will oblige.
The only thing displayed on the big end is a win light if they line up against a like car for a match race.

Isn't it great though now to have that many shows that feature a drag race format. The sport is main stream.

The local network news is not going to cover drag racing. Their sports casts may cover a NASCAR wreck , the INDY 500 but the rest of it is all about "stick and ball jock sports" and it is a rare exception when a local paper does a positive piece or actual event coverage on the sport.
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Love the Street outlaws,not enough car shows& racing on the tube anyplace.
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sprint you have a good point cuz just racing the cars will come off as boring to most of the tv audience and they'll change channels, the sponsors paying the advertising bucks need drama to keep people watching
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MP sez:
"not enough car shows & racing on the tube anyplace"

It is there ,ya gotta look for it .

MAV TV covers: dirt track,paved track ,moto cross,FIM Mtorcycle Ice Racing,world rally,off road truck,tractor pulling,monster trucks,Australian National Drag Racing , road racing & some car shows.
Fox Sports 1 & 2 cover NASCAR ,NHRA ,Road Racing (including ROLEX 24-LeMans 24 -Sebring 12) & World Rally, F1 + a bunch of other competition motorsports stuff.Notsure if they cover the Isle Of Mann TT.

History channel has 1 or 2 car oriented reality shows.
Discovery channel has some reality format car build shows + Street Outlaws and the No Prep Kings series.

Motor Trend TV (formerly known as Velocity Channel )- runs a lot of reality based car build shows and "How to fix it" car shows. They do not cover competition events.

REVN TV - is showing competition events Including "All Out Live" (the reincarnation of pinks all out)& "car" shows.

Automotive shows that are out there now that come to mind:
Gas Monkey
Misfit Garage
Garage Rehab
Garage Squad
Texas Metal
Speed is The New Black
California Customs
Unique Whips
Bad Chad's Customs
Counting Cars
Stacy David's GEARZ
Dennis Gage My Classic Car
Lokar TV
Performance TV
All Girls Garage
Two Guys Garage
Live Love Wrench
Junkyard Empire
Dallas Car Sharks
Chasing Classic Cars
The Ride That Got Away
Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge
Full Custom Garage
Motor Trend
Top Gear
What's My Car Worth?
Barret Jackson Auctions
Plus a bout 10 more titles that I cannot recall.

And for the late night adult programming viewers there's:

CARnal Knowledge ,Car Buffs & Auto Erotica
All shot on location in the back of a sedan.
NAWWWW Just Kidding! LOL

So yeah ,the programming is out there if you look for it.
Any more that that and you would never get off the couch. LOL
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