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Originally Posted by Dragncar View Post
The engine I am doing now is 11-1, pump gas. The other IA2 540 I am doing, with Gach's old "outdated" E heads will be 11.5-1, pump gas.

Now, there are Mustangs that now go 12-1 and can run on CA 91 piss gas. That is kind of impressive.
I ran 12.25 with those out dated E-heads. Soffen chambers for running nitrous,
One of key things for running pump gas is cam design. Itís design to bleed off compression. Carb tunning is also key ! Which is Just one part of it. Donít care what pondents think, like I said 93 octane right out of the pump 30 dyno pulls and 16 passes at the track. No denotion was so ever.

New combo only 11.1 much more tuner friendly for my son. Another thing the 93 octane around here has 10% ethanol which also helps. Yep the new LS 6 fast burn chamber helps. But itís not the be all end all clincher.

Besides I could give a F.U.C.K less whether anyone believes itís possible or not. Iím not trying to impress anyone. People ask how and I just tell them what we are doing so far having success.
The things they hide, the way they spin things, the excuses that they make and the things they omit.
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Steve C
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Interesting. So many cry FOUL and piss moan when people do not use a traditional Pontiac engine in their cars ! Yet we will piss moan about using rods from overseas and not factory rods.

oxymoron ?

A figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction.

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turbo louie
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Originally Posted by Gach View Post
I almost went turbo but someone talked me out of it.
If it's gona be it's up to me!
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turbo louie
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I run 11.3 to 1 With 91 octane no fancy anything . Old MSD and old dominator . Almost 10 years an still togther! Even shoot with a 150 no timing taken out either . 34 degrees running bikes on the street for more then a half mile at time. Still running strong! Haha.. Things have change since 2004 when i set this motor up . Back then no one would go more then 10 to 1.. Everyone said it wouldnt hold up . Well they were all wrong..
If it's gona be it's up to me!
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