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Default Bad Welding

Who the hell built this car
Open the door sit in the seat turn the key and go
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Default Lucky Dog

He is lucky it let go on the line and not halfway down the track.
I wonder how many passes it took before it gave up?

That could be due to any thing from :
an inexperienced welder
wrong filler metal/ shileding gas
Wrong heat range
Welded tabs & brackets to light with not enough contacct area and not full pen welded
trying to get a 125 volt mig welder to do the work a 230 volt machine was required for/
Or all of the above.

I have seen stuff break off like that when guys ground the welds down to make them look pretty and went as far as filling in with bondo so it would look REEEEEEEEL SMOOOOOOOOOOTH
Guy was lucky.
Step Away From The KOOL AID !
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Imagine that happening at 140 MPH..........Ouch
Open the door sit in the seat turn the key and go
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I've seen that happen several times. Never a pretty site. The worst was at a litle outlaw 1/8 mile track. The rear came out at the lights.
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Ron Genovese
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I've seen that before! Always amusing to watch though.
66 GTO
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Yeah...When your not making power 11's the do it yourselves
weld jobs hold pretty good....LOL There's a couple around here
I wouldn't want to be in the other lane with...scray.
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