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Default Looking for advice on a suitable combination

I was hoping I could ask you experienced poncho guys for your thoughts on my build. I am pretty new and this is my first build. I will probably bring it to a local shop to make it all happen because I feel like I would screw it up big time.

I pretty much have a blank canvas but first I should say I have a 1968 (400 c.i.d.) #9790071 block .040 over, and 6x-8 (98cc I believe) heads. I also intend to run on high octane gas. So 93 probably.

My question, which is broad and weighted I am sure, is what would be my best option for performance output? A 4.25 stroker kit? I intend to go forged as much as I can except the crank probably. In Jim Hands book, which I am reading, it seems like the stroker is favored.

I apologize for my the newbiness of my question

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Steve C
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With a clean slate and the funds available most would agree a 4.250 stroke build for the additional cubic inches would be the way to go rather than build a 400 based combo. And it would be a lower rpm combo. Presumbing you are going to re-work the heads you will need to varify the chamber size after the work as it can have a potential impact on the parts selection. If they are in fact 98cc's a 4.250 stroke, .060-over piston, with a 5.5 piston dish, zero deck and a .040gasket will put you near 9.5 compression. Personaly I wouldn't want to push it much higher with iron heads for a street car for happy motoring in all weather and under all conditions.
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X2 on what Steve said.
The things they hide, the way they spin things, the excuses that they make and the things they omit.
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Mark G
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I would look for a 455 block use your 6x heads.A good hydraulic camshaft. A stock cast crank would work well if prepared properly. I helped a friend who was new to pontiac built a similar combo.A performer Intake with a 750 -800carb pump gas runs 12's.Just a thought ,,"Theres no replacement for displacement"
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