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RoBeth and David
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Default do not throw a can of paint. but if you do here are some cleanup tips

no matter what do not throw a can of paint, spray paint or a spray gun.

why you ask? because it is alot of work cleaning up the mess.

how do I know? well lets just say I have first hand knowledge.

but if you do end up throwing one of the above items here is how to clean it up.

you can use laquer thinner on the floor any metal surface and also on some painted surfaces if they are fully cured of painted with hardened paint. believe it or not but once hardened they are quite resiliant to laquer thinner.

now if you don't want to risk the use of laquer thinner you can try wax and grease remover on fresh spilled/sprayed/oversprayed paint or even slightly dried paint.

I reciently had an incedent with some paint. I used the laquer thinner to clean up the bigger amounts of paint and the wax and grease remover to remove the overspray off my newly painted and polished rims.

just becareful using solvents on plastic and painted surfaces as they can attack them.
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Good tips, not that I've every thrown any paint: wink
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Men!!! they're so emotional! throwing things is so second grade. I'd never think of throwing anything. Well except for anyone who touches my chair at a car show !!! [cool] [ma]
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A. X.
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Yeah! It's Men who are the emotional ones.
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Originally Posted by rob79ta
no matter what do not throw a can of paint
Good tip. [thumbs]
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There goes the security Deposit

Just making sure Mike knows he still sucks
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A. X.
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You should set up a pillow to throw the paint can at. lol!
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Will Race For Food
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Even better yet. Throw a wrench and pierce a can of paint. Been there, did that.
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Marty Phipps
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It also gets real messy if you run over a can of paint..
Catch the edge just right, and you'll see a can spin like a top for a second or two

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