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Parts & Cars For Sale & Wanted Remember - not all who view this board are members who have access to your E-mail address or PM. So post your Asking Price, Pics ,e-mail address, phone number, area code ( so one could get shipping cost ) and a good Description.

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Default For Sale Rules

Remember - not all who view this board are members who have access to your E-mail address or PM.

Information your FOR SALE Ad MUST contain:


Please include the City and State along with the Zipcode.

This way potential buyers can see if the item is close enough to come look at or decide whether shipping costs would be worth it, especially so if the item is large or heavy (engines, wheels and tires, etc).

FOR SALE ads posted without the location will be deleted. If linking to an eBay ad or any other ad link, post the location and NOT the ad link in the 'Location' field.


You must put a price on your item(s). FOR SALE ads posted without a price will be deleted. Our members want to see prices without having to ask you for one.

Ads posted here asking for 'best offer' without any asking price listed or 'best offer' above a certain amount will be tossed out. If you'd like to auction off your parts to the highest bidder, please use an auction site such as eBay.

'Not Mine' ads.
Posting an ad for something that you have absolutely no connection to? These 'not mine' ads will be locked.

This is in fairness to the PZ members posting ads for things they're selling for themselves, they will be given priority here. Don't let your feelings get hurt when you see the ad you posted get locked.

eBay auctions:

Please post a link to your auction so others won't have to ask for the link. If you don't know how to post a link, ask how in the 'Test & Tune' forum.

If you're willing to end the auction early to sell here to one of our members, then you must post a set price for our members, no 'best offer to end the auction early'. Your eBay ad will be deleted if you don't post a set price in this instance.

'For Sale' or 'Wanted' or 'Want To Trade' MUST be the very first words in your ad title. Abbreviations like 'FS' (For Sale) or 'WTD' (Wanted) or 'WTB' (Want To Buy) or 'WTT' (Want To Trade) will leave more room for your ad title. Pretty much self-explanatory, this saves folks who are browsing the classifeds time. This way they don't need to open the thread to see if you're looking to buy or if you're selling an item. If you want to trade your item(s) for another, please state what item(s) you're looking to trade your item(s) for.

The '3 day bump' rule.
You cannot , btt, or otherwise bring your ad back to the top more often than every three days.

Need to add pictures or other info? Please wait the required 3 days to do so.

You can answer questions that are posted in the thread. Just keep in mind that we want the Classifieds to work well for you as well as your fellow PZ sellers, so be fair to to others and don't bump your For Sale ad excessively.

If you 'bump' your ad before the 3 day waiting period is over your 'bump' may be deleted, or your thread may get locked at the moderator's discretion.

All in the spirit of fairness to other sellers, your ad is NOT more important than anyone else's.


It's not mandatory to post a picture of your item, but you know potential buyers will want to see one or more detailed photos of what you're selling. Put a picture in your ad, if you don't know how to do this ask .

Please, constructive replies only.

Replies should be limited to questions and answers regarding the sale.

Think a price is too high? Send the poster a Private Message. If the price is high the seller will certainly get the idea when nobody replies. If you have something to say that might hurt the seller by posting it then don't post it, keep in mind that anything that can be construed as abuse of the sellers here will be dealt with.

Do not hijack the ad of another seller by posting your own item for sale in that seller's thread. If you have a similar item to sell, then start a thread of your own to sell your item.

These types of replies will be deleted, and you WILL receive a warning that could lead to being BANNED from PZ.

It is suggested that you use the Private Message feature to conduct your business in private. Contact the seller using the PM feature if you want to buy something, this keeps your private business dealings off the forums.

After you've sold your item or found what you're looking for:

Please post 'SOLD' or 'FOUND' in your ad thread. This keeps others from wasting their time looking at a 'dead' ad. We will move all old finalized ads with 'sold' posted in them to the 'Sold Parts' or 'Sold Pontiacs' forum and keep them there for reference for a few months.

We want to make the Classifieds here at Pontiac Zone work smoothly for both buyers and sellers, please kindly follow the rules posted above. It's all about common sense and common courtesy, the staff here at PZ thanks you for your cooperation.
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For Sale:
" New" BOP intake w/ no port work done. Was to much for my combo so I have no need for it. Pain $600.00 But will take $400.00 Shipped. Intake has no water crossover but KRE does sell. Has never been bolted down.
Any questions please call Larry
Jamestown, NY 14701
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