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Nice pic, what track is that. I see the Cache Creek sign so it must be Sears Point or Sac.
That thing obviously has some torque.
BTW, as far as I am concerned that Cache Creek casino ruined that valley. It used to be this quiet old time agricultural valley with little traffic. Those folks who live before the casino had their life ruined. All the traffic, cars, HUGE casino in the middle of nowhere, 2 lane road.
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Breaking Rocker arms? Check out CROWER.
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Gaming casinos can goof up a rural area quick if they don't pay for the infrastructure to handle the added traffic.

But I take it with a grain of salt because our drag strip is on the same reservation as a casino.
It's the only place in the county we could get an honest to god dirt track and drag strip built without a bunch of cockblocker nimby politicians trying to kill the deal.
They have no authority on Indian land.

The nimbys cannot screw with the track because the motorsports complex is located on the land of a "Sovereign Indian Nation". As long as the track operators are good corporate citizens there, bring in the money and abide by the terms and conditions set forth by the tribal council all is well.

The casino's here have kicked down money to the county for road improvements (but unless the money is placed in trust for a specific project and the trust does not get raided once the county gets their hands on the money) but it ends up taking years to get even the simplest of projects funded ,designed & actually completed.

All the "consultant's fees , environmental impact studies, design fees,permit costs etc. eat the money up before a job ever goes out for actual bid. Takes years and the costs just keep going up so nothing really gets done in a timely way in this state.

A piece of urban street widening for 1/2 mile can take up to 3 or more years to complete counting initial planning and actual construction. That is considered a "Fast Track " job . LOL
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I have a different view of indian casinos and reservations because I am one, Yurok.
Casinos are a blight on communities, bring out the worst. There should not be lot lizard hookers in Blue Lake CA, but there are, at the casino. Crime, car/house robberies all go up when casinos appear. I remember when there were NO indian casinos around CA. It was better. All they had was the Bingo, and that was bad enough with all the losers wasting their life's with all the giant pens, cards and charms all around them. That was one thing. But I know 4-5 families who declared bankruptcy because of them.
Casinos appear, so do the awful check cashing places, pawn shops and the like.
Sure, they provide a few jobs. Some places for entertainment, big deal. Its all fake.
What they are, in reality as far as indians are concerned, is a giant PACIFIER the federal government sticks in tribes mouths after their land and water rights are taken. They get the land, the earth and water. And we get shoved off the "good" land and given a casino.
Pretty good deal for the government. And it gives politicians, comedians to speak/joke about how good we have it. Within 10 years after gold was discovered in CA 90 percent on the native population was dead. Now, 99% of us are dead.
One of the reasons a hate the 49ers. The real ones, not the team (Rams fan, so I hate the team too) they were a bunch of killers/murderers. This area was the last discovered by whites. Its fairly recent history. I personally know 2 people who have their grandparents tell them about watching their own parents/grandparents murdered with clubs and axes settlers/miners.Watched, hiding in the bushes. Women,children and old people while the young men were out at the Brush Dance.
You can read about it, its called The Indian Island Massacre. Dozens killed there in the story. But actually 700 were through the county. It was organized.
I am luck to be alive. If gold was discovered in the lower Klamath river I would never had been born. Some of this happened in the late 1800 and early 1900s. There were still "wild indians" in the 10s-20s around here. Not that long ago.
You will not catch me in a indian casino spending a dime.
Sorry for the rant.
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