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Default 350 with edelbrocks?

I have a 350 inch pontiac motor and 72 cc edelbrocks. The edelbrocks have a 2.11 intake and 1.77 exhaust valve. Can these heads be used on this motor? I heard the heads could be used if they had 1.66 exhaust valves. What do y'all think?

Also, I have had a built 406 for over 7 years. All those years it's been hammered, like 6500 rpms and it went 11.9. Anyhow, about 3 years ago the block froze and cracked, yes, the good old water insted of antifreeze. I didn't know where it was cracked until about 5 months ago when I removed the valley cover and saw it. It was a front to rear crack 2 inches from the deck between the center lifters on the drivers side. The car ran just fine until I discovered WHERE the crack was, it just ran out of coolant. Well it startes munching cam, 4 to be exact and the last cam I tried to use mobile 1 symthetic. Thats when the car got really bad. It started knocking and I pulled it apart. There were flakes of copper in the oil pan. But all that to say, when I removed the hardened oil pump pushrod I noticed that even though it was covered in oil, it wasn't slippery. My fingers actually stuck to it! The same with the timing chain. When I held the set up by the cam gear and rotated the gears like I was turning a steering wheel, the bottom gear sort of stuck to the chain. Like it was magnetic, it didn't let the chain go freely, the chain stuck for a second then let go! So weird! So i don't know if the antifreeze + mobile 1 = liquid sandpaper or what? So the new-to-me engine is getting rotella T. I don't know what other motor oil is worth more than 2 craps. What do y'all think?
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Default Jurassic Park

Valvoline Racing Oil has high zinc content for anti wear.
Kendall GT-1 is also a good choice.

Rotella ,as now formulated, is also presently high in zinc content for antiwear.This could change.Current stocks of Rotella are being sold out?

The (much malingned in the past) products like STP,CD2,
Bardahl ,Wynns and Lucas Oil Treatment all contain high percentages of anti wear additives.So you can supplement your oil with those also.
Crower Cams has a disclaimer on their website about the use of certain of their products with synthetic motor oils.
If you go to the Crower Cams web site you'll find it .
It has links to a pretty good read about motor oils and what's in them.

Racing motor oils are allowed to have more of the good stuff in them because they are , like all the good stuff, not for pollution controlled motor vehicles / for off highway use only.
Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

As for your heads check w/ Andy at Pure Pontiac he is very familiar with the 350 / Edelbrock combination.And yes 1.66 exh. would be easier to make work but don't sell your 1.77s just yet.
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pontiac built a 350HO with 48 heads that had 2.11 and 1.77 heads.Should be fine.Tom
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Default Deck clearances

The decks on the 350 HO engines that used the# 48 heads were given special clearancing in the valve areas. It was done either to un-shroud the valves or give additional clearance or both.I cant remenber if the garden variety 2V engine blocks have this feature already.The only way to find out is to pull a head off and see if the edges of the bores were notched/clearanced .If a radical high lift cam is desired special attention is required in that area especially with the larger valve heads .Shrouding would be the biggest issue.
Check it close.
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All of the 350 blocks I have right now for our 383 project have radical valve chamfers on the bores! They can't all be 350 HO's. LOL! ;-)
Keep eye on the 383 build up I will be posting later today or tomorow. It will be eye opening to all as we slowly build this stroked out 350 for the street AND the track!!
Be Cool,
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383.........what crank are you guys using? I have a 3" main 4.21 stroke crank I was thinking about using in a 350 just for the heck of it.
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Default Chamfers

Thanks ACE.
What a "RELIEF" that is to know.
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I have a 76' T/A with A/C. I want to run the E-heads but am worried about the round tube Thorley hearders clearing the frame. Has anyone tried these and will they fit this car?
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