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Default Vinyl utility sheds by Royal Products!

I just built my first Vinyl utility shed to remove my new compressor from the garage and not have to listen to it....As well as house my mower, motorcycles,rakes/shovels and other misc. Stuff that now clutters my garage and makes working on my Pontiac a pain.

The base is the same as any yard shed really just leveled the ground and used pressure treated 4" by 4"s and 3/4" thick pressure treated plywood...I got it level and the platform built.
The next step was to put down a galvanized track all the way around the perimeter....Use silicone to isolate the metal from the wood too.
The dimensions are CRITICAL on the base track.....make sure you do it right to the manual...I did it right but it would have been a nightmare otherwise.
the actual barn goes up in NO TIME FLAT!!!! Set one corner post and start sliding the tongue and groove panels together for the one side and back....It very soon will stand on its own...A friend and I actually had fun putting it together. One thing though....The doors are nice and have nice hardware but can be a pain to get straight and keep that way. Then after the majority of it is assembled you need to put screws in everywhere....almost all inside of the building......Which is fine but the screws are meant to go into the grooves between panels which when its cold outside is not too brilliant....So I predrilled all the panels with a 1/16"th drill bit to get the screws started much nicer.

All in all it was a pleasure to build and is nice looking in my backyard and if you want to get the clutter out of your garage its the way to go! My New air compressor is a vertical tank 7 horse model that is bulky and its going right into the back corner of the shed. I am putting a double outlet in there, one chain light and the 240 electric for the air pumper. I have two full size motorcycles that will call it home along with my yard tools etc. 8' by 10' is not as small as I thought.

The company is Royal outdoor products Woodbridge Ontario Cananda. Sold by Lowes. It costs $848 plus the floor and has a 10 year warranty. Real steel doors and hinges. For the money its really decent.
If I wanted anything more I would have built it from scratch. Because in comparison to the other sheds I could have built one much nicer and much cheaper from wood. But for the as little time as it took and how nice it looks I cant beat this vinyl unit.
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