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Default Advice for car going in to media blast

Hi all,

Putting my '65 GTO in the shop for a full-car media blast. I've already disassembled the car, what's left is for them to pull the car from the frame, powdercoat the frame, blast & seal the car. Then I get it back to do floors & maybe the quarters if I get brave.

Anybody else done a car this way? Please, anything you'd want to throw out there as your $0.02, I need advice, just things you wish you had done differently, or things that turned out well.

The idea is to wind up with a rust-free street car, maybe eventually a street/strip car, but definitely not a trailer queen, so good short-cuts are worth hearing too.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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have you gotten a quote on the price to do that service? i'm interested...
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how about just the media blast, no sealer?
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what kind of media?

i've heard of people that have gotten cars sand blasted, and have sand coming out from everywhere for year to come.
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Media blasting is the way to go to strip the paint off but will do nothing for rust. Be sure to have etch primer applied immediately to all exposed areas to prevent. This is where all the ground work is laid. Keep us informed as to your progress. Actually have a couple 66-7 GTO and LeMans convertibles in the shop for floors and quarters right now.

I can walk you thru with digital photos if you run into a problem.
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The Restoration Section is for threads of restoration projects. Not Q&A. This is being moved to the Autobody Section.
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