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Default hammer and dolly kit

I bought the kit from the eastwood company. the wodd kind. it was like 80 bucks or so. anyways I wanted to know if anyone can explain to me what is for what? it has 3 hammers and 4 piece dolly's. any help would be great.
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A. X.
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It's for straightening metal. Say you have a small dent in a flat fender. You place flat faced dolly on one side of the dent, and use one of the flat hammers on the other side to tap the dent flat. The pick ends and curved hammers and dollies are for different types of curves, dents and such. You can also combine these tools with heat to shrink metal and fix dents, but that takes a lot of practice. They are very useful when doing body work as they help straighten out a lot of areas, and lessen the amount of filler you will use. :ax
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ok cool. I been using them now and they work great, but I was just wondering if there is certain ones to use, but thats cool. use whatever works
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Marty Phipps
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preferrably work from the inside out.

NEVER!! use hard force to "dolly" out a dent.
Too much will stretch the metal.

Best results will be had, by not placing the dolly directly under the dent.
But slightly off to the side, while tapping the crown of the dent with a hammer.

If the dent is minor, and the paint isn't fractured or bad.
Place masking tape over both the hammer, and dolly first.

If you're careful, you can actually work out a dent with out damaging the paint.

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A. X.
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That only works on camaros. lol!
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Default Metal Working Techniques

The Metal Shapers website at:


Now http://www.allshops.org

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