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if you want a chevy engine,sell the pontiac car to someone that will treat it as it should be and buy a Camaro or Chevelle.IMHO.Tom
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then you must not have been to Norwalk or the Pontiac Heaven meet in AZ where you CANT even run a corprate motor,not allowed in the event.Tom
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Default We are not worthy

Take a long look at all the Chevy and Ford aftermarket stuff.
A lot of it is made offshore including cranks,rods pistons the blocks and heads.
So if you succumb to the siren song and decide to slide a "Chevy" crate engine in your beloved Pontiac because it is cheaper have at it.I dare ya.
Just be sure and ask whoever, be it GM or some other hawker of "Chevy style" engines what the countries of origin are for all the parts that are inside the thing.You will be surprised at what is "outsourced".

In one breath 455 cranky is a total purest. He will not put anything on one of his Pontiacs that did it not come out of the factory with when the car was built or was not offered as a factory option (especially if it is made in China and that is your option).
Better ditch the ugraded stereo and the cd player, they are not made here either.LOL
In the next breath He says he does not see what the big deal is over repowering a 50's , 60's or 70's Pontiac with a Chevy corporate engine.
So that means he would not run aftermarket Pontiac heads,a camshaft(roller , hyd. or solid flat tappet),connecting rods , pistons , valves,roller rockers,pushrods,headers,mini-starter not even a BOP rear main seal because none of it,in his opinion, can hold a candle to the original factory gear.
Better leave the transmission stock too becuase we all know a Lenco ,multi disc clutch or an explosion proof bell housing were never offered by Pontiac in the sixties and seventies.Lexan windows,better brakes, roll cages and other safety equipment,glass fenders and doors gotta come off the cars too?
I guess Pontiac Dude,MRE, Kauffman, Nunzi,ACE,Spotts R.R.E.,Butler,BOP,Edelbrock, All Pontiac,Pure Pontiac ,Wenzler, Crower and all the other manufactuers and builders working with racers and enthusiasts developing new parts for an engine family that was out of production in 1979 are all just too dumb to see the handwriting on the wall.They must all be in the wrong hobby too.
Attention every one, the GM corporate racing ban is still in effect(especially when a GM division other than Chevrolet does well)!LOL
Pontiac racers and enthusiasts have had to do more with less and be much more creative over the years because they cannot just waltz into the local dealer and get support for their Pontiac iron anymore.
Enjoy your part of the Pontiac hobby Cranky.But we here are not fools for pursuing the high performance side of Pontiac iron and how it can be improved upon.

See Ya
Step Away From The KOOL AID !
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Well, defiantly and exciting time for us Pontiac guys, of course you have
to be a real die hard to stay with Pontiac's. Although it's exciting times
99% of this new after market stuff is really unproven. We already know
the quality of the Wenzler heads.
The things they hide, the way they spin things, the excuses that they make and the things they omit.
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