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Default High rise dual quad offy and AFB's on a 65 GTO

I'm putting a dual quad high rise (medium rise) intake on my 400. I don't know the PN of the intake as I write this. but this intake puts the carbs about ,75 inches above the other more common offy dual quad intake.

I'm looking to use the K&N stub stacks as well.

My question is...... do I have enough clearance under the hood? 65 GTO hood.

Anybody been there and done that?

Please advise.
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Default OFFY DQ Manifolds

But I remember a guy in '68 in the neighborhood had a 65 goat with a 2x4 set up and he put a super stock Dodge type of hood scoop on it. He did not do it for looks. Don't know if it was just for fresh air ,hood clearance or both.
Car would pull the front wheels on the street.

Using QJ/spread bore or Holley/Carter sq bore carbs?
They make 2 models for spread bore carbs
OFFY#5611 low rise 326 thru 455 65 & later. Will not clear HEI dist.
OFFY#5757 high rise " " " " "

For Std Flange carbs
Offenhauser #5499 DQ low rise " " " " "
Offenhauser #5708 DQ High Rise 326 thru 455 65 & later. Will not clear HEI dist.

Exeter Auto Supply
They have all the OFFY Stuff to make it work
Step Away From The KOOL AID !
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