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" TURBO BUILDS " Post your Turbo build-Up or any that you have in process

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Default Jeff planted a turbo build bomb

Well just the mention from Jeff about a turbo build has my wheels turning now. Thanks ALOT Jeff! So I am considering a pair of small twins. This is a true street car and I drive it to car shows and to get ice cream and to work as well. I live in Daytona Beach, so it an all year round car. But im looking for some direction now. I am in process of a frame on resto (I restore cars for a living) right now, so there is a small budget left for this build. I have some patches to weld in, replacing the entire interior etc.

Here is what im working with:
+.30 455
stock crank and rods
Ross pistons
All ARP bolts
#96 heads unported
1.65 HS rockers and Rhodes Vmax lifters
RAIV Crower 60919 cam
RPM and qjet (or T2 and 3310)

So to me so far it looks like some H beams for sure. Not sure about the cam. If I can keep it great, because its brand new, but if it has to ....it has to go. I believe it is around 9.2-9.3:1 compression, but I will be pulling the heads to get real numbers and go from there.

So with this info, what would be some good turbos to go with? I would be intercooling as well. Most likely going blowthrough.

And I should point out again, this is a street car that I would be turboing for fun and to get a little more out of. It would possibly go to the track now and again, but I havent been in 3-4 years, so its unlikely. So max power isnt important. But if im going to do it, it may as well be correctly. Im hoping I can find some small turbos that would make decent power and still have some room to work in the engine bay. I do take it to lots of car shows, so it has to look pretty in there too. Oh! And surely I will be making some simple logs for it.

This is going on a 1965 Tempest, so zero room down there.

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Happy to see you posted this , and are hooked! i think youll be really happy you did, its the best of both worlds and reliable if done correctly.
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Yeah I think at the level im planning to do it should be plenty reliable. Still looking for oppinions on what turbos would be right for me. Small and quick to spool. No need for more than 800 hp.
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Also this may keep me from doing something stupid with my 12 valve cummins. A couple turns of a screw and im tearing up a $1500 transmission!
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Good luck on the fever!

Jeff has a way of "infecting" people.

1979 Trans-Am Turbo Charged 535 IA2,
CV 1 heads with convertible exhaust option. 305cc, flowing 405cfm with mild intake port clean up

1979 Silver Anniversary 4 speed, numbers matching.
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Thanks brother. I was looking at dual intercoolers from a twin turbo Audi. Wonder if those would be easier to place than one large one?!
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