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Chris Petersen
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Smile Turbo street 400 build up.

Ok, heres the deal, I have been thinking this over for a long time but am wanting on opinons from everyone here on this turbo street car I am building.

I have a 76 T/A with T-tops. I added sub-frame connectors and sumped the tank with 1/2" line running to the front.

It is a 4sp car that I put a th400 in, but I AM going back to a stick for the street. Looking at getting a TKO 600.

I have 3.73 gears in the rear.

Was thinking about using an early 400 .030
Comtec .051 head gasket
SRP or alike piston
aftermarket rods
stock 3.75 stroke crank to help the block live
6X -8 heads that are 98cc's
T II intake
Converted Holley 650 DP for blow through

To help the block live and help for plumbing the exhust, I am going to install AllPontiacs mid and front motor plate. That way I think I can run stock manifolds and run the pipe in a "U" from the manifold under the motor where the stock mounts were.

My goals are to make under 600#'s of torque so I dont grenade the 5sp TKO 600. Run a small cam that I can cruse anywhere (not sure if a roller or not), and because I will be at 8-1 compression, I should be able to run pump gas on 6-10 #'s of boost.

How much power could I make with unported 6x heads on a 400 with only 6-8#'s of boost?

Does this sound like a good plan so far?

What size/type turbo should I be looking for?

Any tips on this build?

463 SRP .035 Pistons, Eagle rods, N crank, Comp 294s cam, KRE Aluminum D-port heads 290 cfm, 10.6-1 compression, Pump gas, Torker II intake, Holley 830DP carb, TH400, Continental tight 3500 converter, 3.73 gears. First day out 11.74@116. Needs more tuning, yet to come.
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Bruce Wilkie
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Are you using a #557 block? Not a real safe foundation from my experience. A 30 over 400 with forged pistons and aftermarket rods along with the 6x8s can be quite a power house. Firechicken at PY site has a cast rod 400 with 068 cam and a pair of 301 turbo ta turbos well into the 10's.(Late TA over 3800 lbs) He ditched his manual trans for auto. Do a search at PY for details.

Do you still have your 463? Those KRE heads intake and 830 look perfect for a 406 build. See P-Dude for pistons. Its ok to run a tid below deck(especially if you start turning up the boost. 8-8.5 compression ok with KRE head. 10-15 lbs boost with water/methanol injection on pump gas. 700 - 900 hp not out of reach especially intercooled. You may want to keep your t400 and convertor. 3.55-3.73 gear is plenty. I'll throw a few links and let others throw out their input.

Read the stickys here read the books suggested. Lots to know to be successful. FWIW turbos are easier on a motor than n2o or trying to make the big power numbers NA. Money spent for a TKO and driveline mods to stay intact could build a nice twin turbo setup.

http://www.turbofast.com.au/turbomap.html lots of turbo calculator stuff here http://turbopontiacs.com/
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Well You have done some homework for sure. That is a nice set up and I think it will run well.
I would just use a good ARP studs Head and mains and it should live a long healthy life if not detonated.
Run it fat as hell at first and back your way into the tune.

A big cam is not needed if you set it up correctly.The torque is gonna be tough because turbos a make ungoddly amounts of torque compared to HP!!
The torque curve is rediculous on a good turbo car!!
THe fact that it is not all in all the time will help you get away with more torque to the trans withought breakage since its progressive and loads that way.

Pump gas will be OK but You need to maximise the cooling of the intake air charge with pump gas thats job #1 An Air to air and a water meth may not be a bad Idea. Stacking is agood thing just make sure the water meth is after the intercooler.
Meth and aluminum can be enemies.
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70 bird
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Thumbs up

Sounds like you have a good plan so far! With your trans choice, I think the tko will be good but if you turn up the boost and plan on dumping the clutch with slicks a turbo 400 would be the way to go. jmo.

I seen that new motor plate AP came out with on py about a month ago. I was also thinking about how it would work with a turbo set-up! With your turbo choice, go over to the turbo forums and run some searches .... http://www.theturboforums.com/smf/in...161a527c865f2;
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You could runa sintered Iron slipper clutch so at the track you give some cushion to your launches.
Then just losk it up tight onnthe street.
Thats what I used on my birds when they were sticks but when I started putting big toque to it it was hard to tune.
Little did I know I would have the same problems with converters.
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Turbo Eng. Builder
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Sound like a great ride. Look at the B/W S400 75mm turbo.
It will spooling by 3k or sooner. We have few of these left
at $550.00 per turbo.
CDR Performance,LLC
Robert Rosenberg

Custom Engine Building - Turbo, Blown, N20

Aerospace, BRC Pistons, CSU-Carbs, B/W S400 Turbos
EV-Bonnets & Carb Bowls, JGS W/G & BOV's, Moser, M/T,
Star, Stroud Safety, Header tubing U & J bends and more.
Give us a call.
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