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Old 12-12-03, 11:10PM   #1
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Default Painting a car with ppg

Ok i will be painting my own car. Anyone know ppg stuff real well? here is what i was thinking of using.

Dp-90... cant remember the code.etching primer (PPG DPX171) Then I'm using a build primer (PPG Corrosion Resistant NCP271)

then it will be paint, but am i in the right direction?
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Old 12-12-03, 11:11PM   #2
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any other brand paint i coudl use? i can paint real well, but i wanna make sure i get the stuff i need.
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Old 12-12-03, 11:16PM   #3
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also what kind of paint guns? i have good ones for primer and po, but need help. sorry for all the questions
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Old 12-12-03, 11:18PM   #4
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I dont knwo if its just me,but i think the hardest part is the clear? i always seem to get runs or orange peal or dust, its liek f*ck!!!,but after some wet sanding its cool, any tips on that?
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Old 12-12-03, 11:19PM   #5
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also need help with my paint scheme 8)
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Old 12-12-03, 11:21PM   #6
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:shock: your going to start to answer yourself soon Dave
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Old 12-12-03, 11:27PM   #7
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lol maybe i will. like i'm no pro, but i painted cars for 3 1/2 years. its just there is so much new stuff out now.
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Old 12-12-03, 11:45PM   #8
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also would it be a good idea to bake the paint?I will be doing it in piece's, so i plan to to the shell first.
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Old 12-13-03, 06:49AM   #9
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id use a devibiss spray gun spray less clear at a time to avoid the runs and sags but use a slower reducer to avoid the orange peel
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Old 12-13-03, 06:31PM   #10
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cool thanks, keep the info coming guys 8)
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Old 12-15-03, 09:49PM   #11
Marty Phipps
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Sorry about that fast 70.
I got so wrapped up with the introduction of Kyra.
I neglected the site I'm responsible for.

PPG paints work very good.
I'm fond of the DBU series of base, don't think too much of PPG's clears.
My personal favorite brand of paint is Spies Hecker.
But that paint is pretty expensive.
Just the base, clear, Sealer, catalyst, and reducers will set you back about $1,100.00 - $1,200.00

I painted my buddy Mikes 67 Chevelle with DBU base, but used Limco High solids urethane clear.
I gotta tell everyone...... I'm really impressed with that clear.
$75.00 a gallon including the catalyst.
Sprays like the old Lacquer clears, very user friendly Especially for first timers.
Exceptional flow qualities.
Once cured, will cut and rub to a very deep bright shine.
Down side?
Takes a little long to fully cure for buffing (about a week)
Just about any brand of gravity feed gun will work for painting.
Talk to a paint company and see what they have.
I've actually bought the bargain basement rip off copies for $39.95 before and have seen some very nice paint jobs.
I've had my Sata rip off copy for 12 years now, and it still works very good.
Though I only use it for primer now.
Try to find one with a 1.7 or so nozzle for base color.
1.5 might be a bit too large, but it will work for clear.
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Old 12-16-03, 12:22AM   #12
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Thanks marty, all i ever used was ppg and one time house of kolors, I would not mind spending big bucks on my paint. i really want a very nice job. Could i use my ppg primers and all that stuff and still use Spies Hecker? when i talked to ppg they told me there stuff dont liek to really be used with other brands. for best results stick to there stuff,but i'm sure they all say that. So far i used ppg's metal cleaners, the dp90, there rpimers. once i get all my body work done i wanted to start on paint. Do you think i should bake it?
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Old 12-16-03, 01:22AM   #13
Mo' powa is better
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I did my own painting back in the 70's and early 80's. I always stuck with the same brand to make sure of no surprises. Used Ditler with much succes. If you switch products, try painting something small in case their is a reaction, you don't have to redo a whole panel or side. Had a few reactions, pain in the a.s!
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Old 12-16-03, 01:58AM   #14
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ya thats what i was thinking, like i used ppg and never had problems. it sjust there is so many companys out now, i was thinking of house of colors too,but i kinda already started buying ppg stuff. i gto some great deals on the metal cleaners, which i mmight add took off mild surface rust and all that crap on the metal after u strip it. good stuff. smell's like acid though. wear gloves. some got on my arm and was buriing the whole day. but y ai got the dp 90 and 2 different primers. all under 200 bucks from a guy that use to work there. so i got 2 different metal cleaners. dp 90, and 2 cans of primer. gallon kind, i think i got a cool deal. too bad he stopped working there
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Old 12-16-03, 01:58AM   #15
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he was gonna get my all my paint stuff for 300
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