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Suspension Some times the most over looked

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And also know this.
The wider the rear end is ,the sharper the thrust angle acting on the center line of the car will be .That is noticed going down the track as rear tire slip angles change.Can be a real hand full especially on a short wheel base car.

If the wider rear end is out of square with the true center line it will drive the rear of the car harder in the direction the leading rear rear wheel is pointing.
Like driving a forklift with rear steering.

Narrower rear end gets the less the trust angles will be (shallower) and will not have as severe an effect. The car will be more stable going down track as well.The steering will not be as sensitive /twitchy. Longer wheelbase helps with stability. The car will not dart around as much.

Driving side ways increases the distance covered to the finish line,increases ET and wastes power.
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Itís been so long, so Iím trying to remember how it goes, Correct me if Iím wrong, The torque of the motor, if it wasnít bolted down, motor would actually want to rotate, spin around, hence the body rock when you rev motor. ( which mine does ) with mid plate. So it puts more torque on rear passengers tire and divers side tire wants to lift and just spin in place, because of that car wants to pull to the right. Hence air bags which puts down would pressure on divers side tire to keep it from spinning in place.

The minute you start making 450-500 horse on a stock suspension GTO, Thatís when the games begin with the suspension. The 64 GTO, running 13.20 then 12.7ís not and issue. 350-370 hp. Pump hp up to 450-500 hp and game is on trying to hook it up and go straight out of the hole. You know trying to get into 11ís.

So what we my son and I did through advice from others, went to no hop bars and air bags. Still issues, then more advice move rear shock mount so shocks are straight up and down get some real good 50/50 shocks. Moroso springs in the front with 90/10 good shocks..BINGO! It worked.

Car launched real good...60ís dropped... oh the battle to get into 11ís. Car would run 11.60ís all day long. Iím guessing around 450 hp. 400 ci with #96 heads and a Puke jet...lol they were good carbs.
The things they hide, the way they spin things, the excuses that they make and the things they omit.
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