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Yeah there you go ! You can have a bake sale and raise money for your racing jones. LOL
Sounds like you got all the beef where it needs to be for the drive train ('cept for the trans cooler).
If you got the finned cast aluminum pan (like B&M) it should already be tapped for a 1/8" ips trans temp gauge probe.Some of the cast pans the boss is there but not tapped.. If not it is easy enough to install .
Sheetmetal pan will need to have a bulkhead fitting installed for the temp sender.
Trans temp gauge will show you what is really going on.
It is a must have for any performance auto trans application or tow vehicle.
Get the cooler ASAP or you will bake the trans in short order.The cooler in the radiator tank alone will not cut it . Been there, done that. $1900 mistake.
Autotrans oil temp should stay between 160 & 180 degrees.If temp contantly goes to 200 and is spiking to 220 /230 in traffic or on the return road after a run the trans needs more cooler capacity.
Increase the fluid change interval if it got too hot.Do not wait for the fluid to get dark.
Learn the smell of fresh trans fluid and remember the smell of scorched fluid. That's $$$$.
For street service the standard trans pan filter is OK but for racing use the filter that uses the fine metal mesh screen.Lower fluid restriction through the screen type.
Another trick to help cool down on the return road is to have some of those backyard fan mist jets aimed at the radiator & trans cooler and plumbed to a windshield washer pump.On the trip back you turn on the misters and will help the temps drop.Just mist only no spray. You do not want a dripping mess when you get back to the lanes.You could spray with alcohol (rubbing alcohol will work fine) and it would cool off quicker and dry up fast.
That type of system can save it in traffic too.
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Good info
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For those who can't build one out of scrounged parts HAYDEN already makes it ready to install.

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