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I changed the plugs and it hasn't done it since. go figure something easy....It's been about a month or so since I changed them btw...
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I haven't tried the relay yet. I do have new plugs and wires.

I found away around the problem. When I get into the car I turn the key to on...I don't attempt to start the car, just turn the ignition to on. I wait about two seconds and then turn the key to the accessory position and wait another second or two and then start the car......starts every time...go figure.
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a lot of the gm cars do this same thing
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If you are having to "prime the fuel system" which is what you are doing when turning on the key, and turning it off and then starting the car.
you have a fuel system issue. It was mentioned here earlier......either the fuel pressure regulator or the fuel pump......if it were a leaking injector it would stumble and run rough when it did get started...........same thing with a leaking fuel pressure regulator.

And dont forget the upper plenium will burn through inside the intake and leak coolant into the engine.....starts out as a stumble after sitting a while.
Then it will either hydrolock the engine or die while driving, then hydrolock the engine
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