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Default why is this happening???

I had a super yr. with the 67 GTO AND thanks to everbody on PZ room area. i have a weird question whats going on. on pass side of oil pan directly on top of crossmember oil pan mounting ear is digging right into my motor mount pad bolted to the fram. I never saw this before with all the cars i had. I was dripping some oil and thought is was just rear main seal but i can see where oil burn stains are by the mount area. Anybody experienced anything like this???? Drivers side has plenty of clearance. Is got me????? worried under torque pan is separating and oil is dripping down..
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Sounds like the motor mounts crushed. Do you have a photo?? I run the poly mounts with a chain on the left side.
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I am running the 1/4 spacer under my mounts and thought that may of been the problem, but other side looks perfect. motor mounts are new, ill look into chain on the pass. side. Thank You. Going to be super hard to get a picture of it but ill try!!
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I have seen stock mounts fail with just normal street abuse at stock power levels.

I asked you about this in the thread you had started about your valve springs & push rods.

Stock motor mounts or Solid mounts? Yes or No ?
Torque strap on engine to frame? Yes or No ?

If you are running stock low durometer rubber mounts the rubber one on the compression side is going to eventually pancake .
The one on the tension side will try to lift and separate.
You might want to look into "Mighty Mount".
The transmission mount should be rigid or stock style w/ solid urethane pad instead of the stock rubber mount.
You want to eliminate as much drive train flexing and binding in the frame as possible.
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