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A. X.
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Default USER REVIEW: Dynamat Hoodliner

The Dynamat Hoodliner is basically a soundproofing/thermo barrier for your engine compartment. The reason I bought it was to hide the ugly caulk globs that hold the braces under the hood to the hood skin. Instead of just trying to cover the entire underside of the hood with one sheet, I went for a cleaner die-cut look. The sheet comes in a 32" X 54" sheet that is 3/4" thick. It has a self adhesive backing on the foam, with a foil top that reflects radiant heat.

The way I installed The Hoodliner was a bit more difficult than just sticking on one full piece. I removed the hood, and used cardboard templates to draw out the pieces to be cut on the hoodliner. I cut them a little larger than needed, so I could stuff them under the braces. I first had to cut out all of the globs of factory adhesive that was sticking out from under the braces. Once I cleaned the hood, I started cutting out the patterns. I learned that the adhesive backing was very sticky, and once stuck, it was there for good! To keep from causing trouble, I started wedging the foam so that I could stick the liner, and still be able to tuck the edges under the bracing.

Once I figured out how to overcome these obstacles, the installation was quite easy. However, I did not notice any difference in engine noise after applying the stuff. That could be because of the way I did it. I'm sure using one solid piece would make more of a difference, but that was not the reason for me using this product. When I was finished, I was quite pleased with the look. I do not like the big advertisement on it, but I did find that if I would have used that section, I could just scratch the white lettering off. The purpose of this stuff was served for this application. It did cover up the nasty looking globs, and made the underside of the hood look a lot nicer.

All in all, it's a good product, but the $60.00 price tag was a bit much for me. It's basically foam with aluminum foil on top, but whatever. I do recommend this product for a cleaner look under your hood, but as a sound deadening product, I can't say much.
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Old 12-30-06, 04:27PM   #2
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It gives it nice bling
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A. X.
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Old 12-31-06, 10:16AM   #4
crazy ray
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Nice job, but I think it would look better if all the creases ran in the same direction.
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Old 12-31-06, 05:33PM   #5
A. X.
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Yeah, me too, but nothing you can do about that. There really isn't enough in a roll to do that. It would look even better if there were no creases at all. But when you're standing by the car, you don't really notice it much, because the hood isn't standing upright.
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I do like how you tucked it in.
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