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The gasoline companies, pipeline operators and refinery operators track every gallon produced and trans shipped. They track it that close.

But none of these industry experts can tell you exactly why the prices fluctuate like crazy. They always lay it off on some obscure bullshit reason.
The speculators in the commodities markets are what drives the fuel prices up, that and the orchestrated/ fake supply shortages.
The price for gasoline goes up over night for stuff that is already in storage tanks in the ground at the gas station. The high priced "new fuel has not even been shipped yet! LOL
Same goes for crude oil that is already in transit across the ocean in tankers. That oil was pumped up to a month ago yet magically it goes up in price before it gets to its destination.

If we conserved on our fuel consumption, our cars got 100 MPG they would charge us $25 a gallon for fuel because the people at the top of the oil profit pyramid are still gonna make their margin.

The states already have taxes ready to go for people with electric cars because they can see the tax revenue for gasoline shrinking.
Electric vehicle owners will be taxed on annual miles driven.
Passing through another state, there will be a pass through toll/tax of some sort.
The batteries will be extremely expensive because of the "hazardous waste disposal fees associated with them. Their will be a two tiered KWH rate . One for home use & one for charging your car. Remember when satellite TV was virtually free? LOL
Same goes with the water companies. They make their money selling water so when you "conserve water" what happens. THE RATES GO UP AND THEY ARE ENCOURAGING DEVELOPMENT FOR NEW METERED SUBSCRIBERS.
You can't get even with these schemes.

State of California will F' up PG&E worse than PG&E did. State can't even keep up with the maintenance on their own state owned facilities , dams ,parks and any thing else we own. The would just sub out the operations to some third party management company for a cut.
The state ,US U&ME, cannot begin to cover the legacy costs of PG&E.
We would be rate payers plus subsidizing all those special hidden costs of cleaning up the mess. Just like the S&L ,bank bailouts & GM bailout.
Step Away From The KOOL AID !
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Originally Posted by Gach View Post
So that’s what Trump meant when he said he wouldn’t give them any money and the F’ing cry baby’s criticize him for it. So basically ( now it’s well known) what the cruse of Fire’s. Isn’t them cutting power to all those customers like admitting
It’s actually their fault. Not a word from media.
Its about more than that. The CA logging restrictions are horrible. I have a buddy who has 70 acres of very nice forest land. His parents bought it in the 60s for 35K. They have 3 homes built on it with lumber they cut and milled themselves before the regulations dot so bad. One is a mini mansion, Victorian style. They have done some logging over the years. Once got 40,000$ for one tree. (that same old growth redwood would go for way over 100K today)
But they are not rich. Car people too. I know most of what I know about cars from this man. He was my auto shop teacher in high school. Smartest guy I know, or one of them. Got me ouf of a lot of car problems over the phone. He was only about 6 years older than us in high school so he was more one us us than anything. Still friends to this day.
Well if you live in a forest the forest is always trying to well, become a forest. They will eat your home up if you do not trim it all back. Big fire danger.
This past year he had to to some fuel removal because of the fire danger. It had been 10-15 years since they last logged. He tried to get companies in to log the land in a few spots. Cut brush and all that. But it is 8,000-14,000$ just to file a small logging plan and you STILL might not get it approved. So many hoops to jump through you would not believe it.
It was cheaper for him to call in a tree service to cut and have it all chipped up. Chipped up saw logs that could have been ran through a mill and people homes built with it.
And we have enviro land owners who think cutting ANY tree is bad. They won't let PG&E on/through their property to cut back around the power lines.
20 years ago my friend had a old PG&E guy and his property doing maintenance on one of the power poles. The guy told him PG&E was going to go bankrupt. See, every power pole that has a transformer on it is a fire danger. If they short circuit they can drop fire right through a hole in them somewhere. Well there was a fix for it. A ceramic disc they could install to keep the fire contained and not dropping on the ground. Cost 100$ per transformer for the part then labor. But PG&E did not go through with installing them on every transformer like they should have. All about greed and the shareholders.
Now we have the state burning down every fall before the rains. We have had electricity in Nor Cal for 120 years and it did not start burning down till recently. Its man caused for sure. And its not "climate change" either. PG&E got cheap, regulators of them and the forest over regulated, people built homes in forests and grasslands and the courts thought they could just make PG&E pay for all of it.
These blackouts are just a big F#CK YOU to from PG&E to California regulators and we are paying for it. Plenty of blame to go around.
But its what you get when Democrats control a whole state and the cities. I used to love to go down to San Francisco. The warf area was cool. The city has got to be the most beautiful big city in the nation. But it is now a $h!tho!e. Cops do not even show up if your car windows get smashed and everything stolen. Its a epidemic there. That and human feces on the street.
Now that we have let millions of illegals pour into our once best state in the union I do not see it changing anytime soon. So many hard working people are leaving. And we are left with the filthy rich and the illegals and bums who do not want to work. Middle class is fleeing in droves.
BTW, my friend bought a second home in Oregon. Registers all his cars up there as it is about 1000$ just to register a new truck here. Even my 12 year old Tundra is 350$ And in Oregon it cost 500$ to file a logging plan and you can clear cut if you want.
Rant over for today.
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The Three biggest power companies in California are:
Pacific Gas & Electric
Southern California Edison (Sempra Energy)
San Diego Gas & Electric(Sempra Energy)
Those 3 companies have been in business for ell over 100 years each.
They have made BILLIONS & BILLIONS of dollars off of the rate payers and yet they always cry how they cannot make ends meet. Where did all the money go?
Look at the stock holder pay outs and the executive salaries.
All 3 have almost totally divested themselves of any major centralized power generation plants inside the state . In many cases they sold their old plants off to third party operators who eventually close them down if it is uneconomical to modernize them. Then the property is sold off to developers if it is not a toxic waste cleanup site.
Much of the power they sell is imported off the grid and they have small "peaker" plants that fire up /go online to help carry the load during times of high demand.
They joint venture on some coal fired plants that are out of state.
The nuclear plants in San Onofre (SD County) reactors 1,2 &3 are shut down. #1 because of its age & #2 because SCE/SDG&E/Sempra screwed up on the reactor heat exchanger upgrades that were supposed to extend the life of those 2 reactors for another 20 years. Instead they created leaks in the reactors that forced the shutdowns and they got fined by the NRC for deviating from the NRC approved design. General Electric made the non compliant heat exchangers.
Guess who got stuck with the legacy cost of deactivating the plants? The rate payers.
Humbolt Bay Nuclear Plant #3 is shut down/closed.
Rancho Seco Nuclear plant is shut down/closed.
Diablo Canyon is the only active nuclear plant in California now.

There are 44 active hydroelectric generating stations big and small in the state .

Lots of other smaller power plants and alternative energy plants that are on the grid now.
That does not even account for all the roof top solar panels that feed power power back on to the grid during daylight hours and private co generation facilities at small steam and chiller plants for high rise buildings , hospitals & some large college/university campuses.
There is no way the "government" of the state of California could even begin to manage or maintain any of this.
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Unbelievable isn’t it. Here in state of RI, governor ( Rimando ) sp She was a big Wall Street hedge fund before she got elected governor. Some cat from Maryland donated $2 million to her campaign.

The State has founded that I can count 12 huge Solar farms, guess who owns the companies doing the Solar farms, you got it, some Wall Street cat, mostly likely one of her Wall Street buddy’s.

When a College student asked her, were’s all the electricity goes to from Solar Farms her answer to power companies, but here’s the kicker the College student asked then why have rates gone up twice last two years.
The things they hide, the way they spin things, the excuses that they make and the things they omit.
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Posts: 19,505

Sprint250 good read.
The things they hide, the way they spin things, the excuses that they make and the things they omit.
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