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Old 04-18-08, 05:11PM   #46
region warrior
Drag Racer
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: valparasio, in.
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Originally Posted by Gach View Post
Definitely he needs to concentrate on the FED...man that thing is

region warrior: You sure you won't take Steve up on his offer, think of the glory of being on such a team.

My chevy buddy just got done building a 572 hemi w/tunnel ram/dual carbs/plummed for n2n.
Going into a Alterd style chassis w/a fiat fibrglas body painted and decaled like Schmachers "Shake Rattle & Roll"(with his permission).
The owner hasnt raced before, and my chevy buddy cant get in the cage.
I fit perfect. My toes just touch the back of the heads.
Zoomie's just in front of me.
Slicks next to my elbows.
Not real comfortable about siting on trany with rear end agaisnt my butt
We put a 550 hp 427 in it for now for shake down runs.
Hopefully be run'n in another month.
Just have to get a complete fire suit, then get licensed.
Mike Wachter

Screw the body work...lets go race!

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Old 04-21-08, 01:23AM   #47
Pontiac Jack
M/T Hemi Guru
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Default I'm back home!

Pontiac Heaven X event was great! After sticking a "Pontiac Jack" nametag on my shirt Saturday, it seemed that every couple of minutes someone from the forums would introduce themself and chat Pontiacs for awhile- if I tried to remember everyone, I'm sure I'd forget some people. Jim Wangers graciously invited me to park the 'Bandit' alongside his display and the GeeTO Tiger.

Steve's 4/18/08 post articulates very well his approach to bringing a Pontiac into Nostalgia Top Fuel ranks. It's no small task, but he's sincere- I believe he'll "get there". We should all relish his passion for returning (after decades) Pontiac power to true heads-up competition in nationally sanctioned competition.

And Steve even declined to place any of the blame for the ka-boom on me, although I lent a hand in the assembly the day before ("Hand me that wrench", etc.)!
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Old 04-21-08, 01:33AM   #48
Old Man Taylor
Old Man Taylor
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Escondido, CA
Posts: 182

Jack - It was great having a chance to speak with you for awhile at the event. Hopefully your trip home went well. I assume you got to go to Long Beach while you were here? When I talked to Keith he said he gave you directions to go out 60, so I assumed that's where you were headed.
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Old 04-21-08, 03:33AM   #49
Engine Machinist
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Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound, Jack. It was good meating you and chatting for a while.
Paul Carter
Carter Cryogenics
Koerner Racing Engines

I was wrong once. That was when I THOUGHT I made a mistake!
Your mind determines your limits!
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Old 04-21-08, 10:34AM   #50
Ram Air V Guru
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Location: long beach,california
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Jim.Jack came by for awhile,GREAT guy,I only wished I had more time to spend with him.Jack,hope to see you back in your part of the world this year or maybe Norwalk.Tom
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Old 04-22-08, 01:44AM   #51
Pontiac Jack
M/T Hemi Guru
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Phelps, NY
Posts: 697

You're welcome here anytime, Tom, whevever you get to the northeast. I don't have a garage full of RAV stuff, but there's plenty of elbow room on my 40 acres. S'pose your M1 carbine is any good for popping woodchucks?
I don't have firm plans yet, but there's a good chance I'll be at Norwalk- just spectating, as usual- unless somebody builds a pulling track there!
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Old 04-22-08, 01:50AM   #52
Steve Barcak
Registered User
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Hey Jack!
Here are a few pics. One at Lyman lake and one looking through my rear view mirrors in Pinetop.
It was such a pleasure seeing you. I only wish we had more time to talk HEMI after the event. The few days prior to the event are the busiest days of my entire year. At least we were able to share a few meals on Thurs.
I hope you got home OK and enjoyed your trip.
How many miles did you cover with the round port motor?
How was the museum of speed in Lincoln?
Take care.

Steve Barcak www.pontiacheaven.org

"Real Pontiacs only...no corporate nonsense!"
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Old 04-22-08, 12:13PM   #53
Bob Maxi
Pontiac Nut
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Steve, two quick questions about that slick oil pan:

1.) How far below the bottom rail does it hang (without the diaper installed)?

2.) What's your ground clearance at rest to the bottom of the pan and/or the bottom rail of the chassis?
"I only told one lie. Everything I said after that was the truth." - J.S.

"For the record, a back up runs needs to be made PERIOD for anyone (same day, same track), otherwise it's just a very nice pass!" - GTOGeorge

Will Rogers never met a liberal
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Old 04-23-08, 12:59AM   #54
Steve Barcak
Registered User
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Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Chandler, Az
Posts: 40

1. The pan does not extend below the lower frame rail. Rules would not allow it anyway.
To add- under the pan is a SFI certed kevlar engine diaper and below that is an alum sheet panel that is officially called a 'secondary containment device'.

The exact measurement of the lower frame rail ground clearance varies considerably at different parts of the wheelbase. My car has the maximum allowed wheebase for this class (Nostalgia Top Fuel) at 225". I did add skid plate tabs under the motor plate with alum inserts a few years back.
These dimensions are similar to most or all other Top fuel chassis, front or rear engine.
I think I answered your questions.
Steve Barcak www.pontiacheaven.org
Hosting 18th annual Pontiac Heaven weekend
December 16-18 , 2016
Wild Horse Pass Motorsports park
Pontiac Heaven museum in process-info on website
Hundreds and hundreds of vintage Pontiacs
"Real Pontiacs only...no corporate nonsense!"

Last edited by Steve Barcak : 04-23-08 at 01:11AM.
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Old 04-23-08, 02:06AM   #55
Pontiac Jack
M/T Hemi Guru
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Phelps, NY
Posts: 697

Steve- Yeah, I sure did enjoy the trip. The 467 never missed a beat for 6,835 miles- however, the 700R4 died in Denver (better there than, say, Death Valley a couple of days prior). The main culprit was a cooler hose failed internally, combined with the fact that I didn't have the converter's lock-up clutch enabled. A knowledgeable Aamco shop got me going again, with new converter/clutch and complete trans rebuild. As a bonus, the lock-up gave me a fuel milage boost- got 16.05 MPG on the final leg of the trip home.
The American Museum of Speed didn't fit into my schedule- it's only open Fridays up through the end of April.
I did manage to go through Gallipolis, OH and pick up a '58 block from P.J.Heck.
Best of luck with the move to St.John's.
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