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Blue TA
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Default Rear Window Leaking

I have water building up under my back window I removed the moding and found there is no caulk around some of the window. should this be caulked with silicone or di I have to replace the whole window?
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The rear window is held in place with a rubber adhesive called window ribbon. As long as the window is secure just get some silcone and chaulk around the window with the molding off. That should fix the leak.
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A. X.
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It will, but you need to be careful not to get that crap all over the place. You'll also need to clean the rust and debris up really good. If it was me, I'd just pull the glass out and replace the ribbon. That would make for a good clean job, and wouldn't take too long to do. :ax
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I bought my window removal tool from ebay for like 10 bucks. Makes it alot easier to remove the glass.The ribbon is like 10 bucks also at autozone. A.X. is right too the solution is to remove the glass and fix it right. It depends on your skill level.
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I just tought of a good tip also. If you do use silicone get some of that painters tape and tape around the edge of your window channel to keep you from getting silicone all over.
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Old 11-13-05, 10:10PM   #6
A. X.
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Good tip! :ax That crap is messy, and almost always looks bad when you put it on. The reason I say you should fix it the right way is because the leak could have trapped water, and will eventually cause the window channel to rust out. Then you have a big ass mess on your hands. So I would take it out, and make sure everything is rust free and clean. :ax
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Old 12-17-05, 02:36AM   #7
Greg Reid
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I'm with A.X. on that. Get that glass out, clean the channel, take care of any rust and re-install it. You won't have to worry about it any more. Warning though, if it's a 2nd gen, it's probably got the urethane sealant rather than the ribbon and it's tough to get out.
My glass guy told me that one of the worst things people do is put RTV or silicone sealant around a window. Said it never really seals water-tight and merely serves to trap water, compounding the rust problem.
If it was my car, I'd take it to the glass shop and let them do a remove and replace. They'll treat the channel with a rust preventative primer and re-install it with urethane. You'll probably never have to screw with it again.
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Old 12-19-05, 12:17PM   #8
Not Fast Enough Yet
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I replaced the seal on my 72. Not a bad job to do. It seems that my seal had come loose at the bottom and sides so when ever I hit a bumb in the road I could hear an echo in the rear. The back window would hinge at the top and flap in the breeze.
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Old 12-27-05, 01:59PM   #9
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Yes do it right and have the window removed. If it leaked there IS rust. My car has never seen the snow and I thought it was rust free but some prior owner had the same problem and siliconed the leak and it caused rust. The Fram ad is so correct "Pay a little now or alot later"
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Old 01-02-06, 03:22AM   #10
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Take the window out. I'm painting by 78 Formula and I hemed and hawed about the window. Removed the moulding and there was some rust and pinholes. Had the window out in 15 minutes. Thw whole bottom channel was rusty and the window didn't leak. Now its sandblasted and the rust is gone forever...
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the blue canary
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Same thing with my car, it looked good in that area till I got the window out. There were just a couple of small pinholes and one fairly big one, but I wouldn't have been very impressed with myself if I hadn't dealt with it right away and had problems further down the road.
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Mine leaked too, I could lift the passenger side bottom corner off he body. I was afraid there would be rust under it so I pulled it out. I was surprised to find the channel to be rust free....other than a little surface rust.
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