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Mark G
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Default Dumb Azz non pontiac related post

I figure Zedo ( Charlie ) puts up these useless posts. That I would start my own useless non pontiac post full of useless dribble..I post something stupid every day..Enjoy..
505 Pontiac
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5.70 @121

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prodigal son
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last time I checked, this was the lobby, it doesn't have to be Pontiac related here, anything goes, so have a thick hide...

and who's the one putting up Hurricane Sandy thread ? since when is that Pontiac related ?

and the political "it can be worse" thread, since when is that Pontiac related ?

both for a country, you don't even live in ?

the owners of this board actually want my posts up, find them compelling, and believe everyone should be reading them...maybe that's why, no one "takes your side" ?

because in reality, you're the dumb asz....you'd be trying to take your car street racing in Normandy, France during June, 1944- and wondering why no one else wants to

and you're the first one the powers that be, will herd into the camps, and drop into the meat grinder....

it's gonna be funny, when the Canadian government cuts your checks, shuts off your power and water, and starts herding you up in trucks at 4 AM one night...I can imagine the look on your face then...
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