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Mo' powa is better
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Check out the new(wannabe) Chevelle SS. Hood scoop on the Monaro (GTO)
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:? I'd wait for the Convertible!
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72 LeMans
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keep in mind, the 64 gtos looked similiar to most cars on the road. Heck, the hood scoops werent more than just some chrome inserts.
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you ever wonder if that is the angle GM is going for?
To build (import) an average looking car
with a kick ass motor in it?
Just like in 64, Who knew what to expect when they saw that lemans
with chrome inserts.........
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Default New Cars

Now the new GM owners are just like Ford owners and Daimler Chrysler owners.

No matter what you buy the powertrains will all be standard.
Chevy has had their new IMPALA SS out now for over 2 years.
Here comes Pontiac with a follow on mobile trying to cash in on the mystique of the old GTO.It's like seeing a bad remake of an old hollywood film.Sure the special effects are great but the story line is pretty thin.
The Pontiac Firebird had a much longer production run ,1967 to 2003, than the GTO ever did.Hell they killed the Goat in '74 for no damn good reason.They could have left it as an option code.
When GM originally started each division was making it's own power plants.
Over the years the lines have been blurred to the point where they are churning out canned corn and just changing the label around.
It used to be when you bought a Pontiac , you got a car with an honest to God Pontiac engine in it, unless of course you lived in Canada or Australia which in most cases Pontiacs were supplied with Chevy engines in them.
If GM bought a manufacturer like Ferrari they would probably nix the engine program and put LS1's in 'em and then after sales fell off tell the co. they would have to build four seaters,wagons and SUV's because there is only room for one 2 seat sports car at GM and that is Corvette.LOL
It'll be another GTO but only time will tell if it is a " Great One".
If it sags it will be gone faster than you can say"Fiero GT".
Step Away From The KOOL AID !
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That`s exactly what I think too

Everyone believes in something.I believe I`ll have another drink!
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