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Default Best Bang For My Buck!

Im getting ready to do the suspension in my 70 lemans. i have about $600-700 to spend, and im wondering what would be the best bang for my buck. i want the car to perform well on the track as well as around corners. another concern i have is that my tires (275/60r15s) rub in the back when i hit bumps or take corners. I have been looking into coil overs up front, sway bars all around, then in the back a taller spring with a set of shocks... can anyone tell me a combo that worked for them? thanks!!
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Couple of ideas. Eastwood makes a tool that rolls the fender lip in supposedly without damaging your paint. Gives a little more clearance for the tire. You can view it at their website. I personally think if your wanting to corner well you should avoid raising the car with taller springs. Keep the center of gravity low as possible without dragging the exhaust or frame. Is the car to be street driven regularly? Look at Performance Suspension Technologies or a similar company. They offer front and rear rebuild kits, sway bars, shocks, etc. Stock rubber bushing to polygraphite to improve the cornering. Alittle rougher on the street with the stiffer suspension. If your talking drag racing, I believe alot of guys remove or loosen the front and rear bars, which would wreak havoc with your cornering capabilities. I've rebuilt the front suspension on my 67 GTO using the polygraphite bushings, installed a thicker sway bar from a second gen Formula / Trans Am, etc. Sorry I can't tell you how it's worked out cause the rest of the car is not finished yet, but PST was affordable and easy to work with.
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I put on the Hotchkiss TVS. Has springs and sway bars. pricey at $1100. I would use the Energy Suspensions poly graphite(black) bushings. Don't use the red ones they squeek. The black ones self lubricate. Put on a set of drop springs and your set. Replace the ball joints and tie rod ends. Should be in your budget.
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For your tires you may need to use a different offset rim. I've seen 295/50-15s used with out issue.
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