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Edelbrock Heads Edelbrock head owners can give there opinions along with their track results this includes Wide Ports

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Mr. PBody
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Default Edelbrock D-ports... First look

Okay. A pair of 72 CC Edelbrock D-ports arrived here today, for use on a 400CID "road racer". These are FAR "purdier" than the round port Edelbrocks we've seen. They have a much nicer "fit and finish" look to them. The chambers are a work of "art".

Dave and I are anxious to dive into these things. LOTS of "meat" everywhere, so at least as much "potential" as the KRE D-port (a good head) if not a little more.

I'll keep you informed as porting goes. Haven't really seen much discussion about these, except the "why?" factor.

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T/A 1975
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I'm excited Jim! Lets us know!
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I installed a set on a 69 bird a few months ago, everything bolted up with no problems, makes decent power with a hydro roller. Great quality product as you can expect from edelbrock.
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Mr. PBody
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The porting is done. Dave has studied the head and says:

It has good potential. The quality of the casting is excellent. The ports, however, leave something to be desired for larger engines. For our purpose, a 404 CID engine, they're good. There's not much "room" for growth in the roof (Ram Air IV opening). The exhaust side, however, can be made to work nicely. 300 CFM @ .600" lift is doable (int). Much more than that would take some "doing".

Conclusion: Nice head, well made. Not as much performance potential, ultimately, as the KRE D-port. We've managed over 340 @ .600" with those.


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Sounds like a real nice head and good castings. Honest evaluation.
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