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Old 03-01-05, 02:12AM   #1
A. X.
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Thumbs down USER REVIEW: Eastwood Deep Scratch Removal/Glass Polishing Kit

---Eastwood Deep Scratch Remover/Window Polish---

The Eastwood Deep Scratch Remover/window Polishing Kit is designed for those who want an affordable way to clean up their auto glass without replacing it. For some, finding new glass is near impossible, and this kit seems to fall perfectly within their needs. The kit contains 3 special 3M glass polishing discs, a glass polishing buff, a hook-it backing pad, and the glass polishing compound. All for the price of $45.99.

So I purchase this kit, because the side windows on my Trans Am have scratches from the windows being rolled up and down against worn out/missing outer belts. These scratches are pretty deep, and catch a fingernail easily when sliding it across to check for depth. I also have a few wiper blade marks on my windshield that need to be taken off. I figured this kit would be perfect, and maybe even a cheap alternative to buying new glass.

The kit comes with three different grit of sanding discs. You start out by gauging the depth of the scratch, and selecting the appropriate disc. The instructions warn you that using the coarse grit may cause wave marks in the glass, and one should start with the medium disc first. So I start with the medium disc, using slow running water to keep the glass from heating up too much, and keep the dust down. I grind away on the scratches on my driverís side glass for about 20 minutes. The scratches slowly but surely goes away. I find two more scratches that I would like removed, so I start on them. About a minute into the job, I notice that there is really nothing left to the medium grit disc. They only gave me one!! I havenít even polished a single door glass yet, and my sanding disc is used up.

So I move on to the fine grit disc, hoping to at least clean up the mess I made. I use the fine grit for about five minutes, all the while drying the glass and checking my progress. The glass is starting to slowly become less frosted from the previous sanding. So I continue on for another five minutes or so. I check the disc, and realize that it is used up also. Again! I only have one!!

I figure that all of my sanding should be enough for the polishing compound to finish the job. I mean, Iíve spent a good amount of time just on a small 1í by 1í area. If even that. So I mix up the compound, which comes in a powder form. Once the mixture is close to correct, I start to apply it with the polishing buff. I polish for about 1-2 minutes, then check my progress. Not much has happened. I polish for a few more minutes, and still not much, but some minor results. I polish for a few more, and I finally start to see some real results. After about 15-20 minutes of polishing this 1í by 1í area, I have finally said enough. I clean up the mess, and come to realize that I can still see some minor sanding marks from the discs. At this point, I am exhausted, and say to hell with it.

The next day, I come back and try to finish up the job. After a few more rounds with the polishing compound, I finally get the marks out. For this small spot on one door glass, I spent several hours. I cannot even complete my testing of the product, because I am out of several key materials. So I go online to buy more sanding discs. Of course, they are $4.00 each disc! I buy 4 medium discs, and 4 fine discs. Eastwood then charges me $11.00 for shipping!!! WTF?? Eleven dollars to ship eight flat discs?? Anyway, here I sit waiting for these discs to arrive, so I can test this stuff on safety glass next. Letís just hope that the wiper marks are easier to get rid of.


~Though, Eastwood doesnít mention how much work is involved, the kit does actually work.
~The kit is cheaper than buying new glass... that is if you need every window on you car fixed and polished.

~You only get one of each disc in the kit.
~These discs do not last long enough to effectively test the kit, much less finish a single window.
~The replacement discs are expensive, and not sold in bundles or multi-packs. At least not by Eastwood.
~The shipping for these replacement discs is outrageous.
~Expect a ton of elbow grease to remove any scratches in tempered glass. Way too much work involved to warrant such a hassle. Not many people will want to do this much work, and just opt to buy new glass.
~The instructions are very poorly written, and offer limited advice.
~The mess made by this kit is extensive, and harmful to your health as well. (Look up Silicosis)
~Glass polishing is very hard work, and not really something that a do-it-yourselfer should be doing, yet nowhere does Eastwood mention this.
~The airsander that is shown in the picture on Eastwoodís website, and in the catalog will NOT work well with this kit. These are flat holeless discs, and in order to attach them to that sander, you need discs with holes in the center. Plus, these discs need to lie flat against the surface to be effective. A regular electric drill and flat 5Ē sanding pad works best.

All in all, I cannot recommend this kit to anyone, except those who have no other choice but to fix their glass themselves, because itís irreplaceable. If youíre looking to save money, this ainít the kit for you. Youíll end up spending more on the extra sanding discs, and the outrageous shipping prices. Use only if you have no other choice.

The Eastwood Deep Scratch Removal/Glass Polishing Kit gets a 2 out of 5.

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Old 03-01-05, 03:57PM   #2
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Ya I bought that kit a while back and it sucked. so much work. its cheaper to have it done by a place that does good work. i took my wifes car to get ti done and it was 80 bucks and they did 3 windows. so ya
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Old 03-01-05, 04:13PM   #3
A. X.
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LOL That's less than what I paid for this kit, including the extra discs I had to buy.
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Old 03-01-05, 04:24PM   #4
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i still thought 80 was a bit for a few scratchs, but after using that kit it was worth it
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Old 03-02-05, 11:40AM   #5
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Sounds like it would be easier, and cheaper, to pay someone to do it. Thanks for the honest review. [thumbs]
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Old 10-14-05, 02:32PM   #6
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Thumbs down Lot`s of work!

I used this kit also and I spent the better part of a day and I followed their steps to the letter.It all worked but I,ll doubt I will do this again.
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Old 10-14-05, 07:37PM   #7
Drag Racer
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Yup, BTDT. Unless you have some really minor imperfections in the glass, you better plan on spending quite a bit of time to get the scratches out.[yuk]
North Dakota's fastest REAL GTO.
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Old 10-14-05, 07:53PM   #8
Will Race For Food
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I've used this kit with great results. I was able to take out the spider web like haze from my side windows that was from some numbnuts that removed overspray with steel wool.

The product is for scratches that cannot be caught by a fingernail. It says so on the box. Any deeper and you're having to remove too much of the glass surface and you'll end up with a low spot that will distort what you are viewing.

I will agree that it's alot of work, but I look at it as just another project on the car.
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Old 10-15-05, 09:29PM   #9
A. X.
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This product is for scratches that can be caught with the fingernail. It's the Deep Scratch removal kit. Not the other one. They have two kits, but I wouldn't use this one for deep scratches either. It's just too much work.
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Old 04-25-12, 10:12PM   #10
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Default Eastwood Deep Scratch Removal

Thanks for your long, honest, and thorough review of this scratch removal. At least we all know what to expect if we decide to use it some day in the near future.
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