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Old 04-23-06, 03:34AM   #1
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Thumbs up User Review:Stewart Warner Ultra Shift Light

I wanted a tach & shift light and did not want nor have room for a huge 5" face tach on the dash in my field of view.
This shift light is 1.5 " in dia. has four programmable shift points,memory recall & staging mode that can be activated by a trans brake or Line Lock switch.
It can be installed as an add on to an existing tach or be used a stand alone unit.
Tach display is digital in the center of the shift light and the shift light has 3 brightness settings.
Instructions were easy to read and install was a snap.
Programming took a little time but was far easier to do,for me, than a wrist watch or VCR.
Check 'em out.
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Old 04-23-06, 12:26PM   #2
A. X.
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Great Stuff Sprint! I love it when you guys do these little user reviews. I wish more of you would. :ax
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Old 04-23-06, 04:19PM   #3
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It will take a while to get used to an accurate shift light.
I may post for Hurst Roll Control
and M/T ET Streets after some possible testing next weekend.
Lotta work to do.
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Old 04-24-06, 03:08AM   #4
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That is cool, where did you buy it at?
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Old 04-24-06, 02:53PM   #5
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Default Stewart Warner

It's available through their dealer network or any of the mail order stores like Jeg's , Summit , PAW etc.
I got mine from Summit.

I believe three versions of this model avail.

Std. ultrashift light/tach

Programmable ultra shift light/tach(up to 4 shifts= 5 spd.) w/ staging mode and recall.

Ultra Shift light/tach as above with programmable rpm window switch for nitrous or.... .

U can get them in " in dash mount" gauge form.

On another note,
AutoMeter is supposed to be bringing a similar type unit to market but they keep on delaying the release date due to production problems that have to do with( I am told) cosmetics.They have not listed it on their website since March.It has been for sale in Summit Racing's catalog with part #'s since January but they are not shipping product,I was told byAutoMeter, until the end of April .So Guys that ordered the AutoMeter units are still waiting for their's to show up and their orders will be filled in the order in which they were recieved.
My project could not wait any longer and me and the race sponsor that I won a prize from in December wanted to make good on that deal to get it off their books and get me goin'.

AutoMeter is busy promoting their new Sport Compact "Bling Gauges" that "change colors to the music while-u-drive" .

That's something all the gauge makers are guilty of marketing these days though.
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Old 04-24-06, 03:09PM   #6
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Thats some great info. Thank you for the review.
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Old 08-23-14, 05:23PM   #7
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Default Update -no Longer Produced By Sw

In 2006 I purchased one of the SW dgital "Ultra Shift Lights" and was very pleased with the operation of it.It filled the bill and was competitively priced.
2009 the digital display started having problems with the segments in the LED display starting to drop out. Dash board heat or vibration probably.
I started looking for repair service or parts in 2013.
Now you cannot find support for any of those SW performance products any where.
The new 2014 SW Catalog makes no mention of them nor does their website.
No support or information on these now"legacy" products.

The old SW-performance website
Has been vacated and has an "under construction sign on it. That was a year ago.

SW Canada website
still lists instructions for these products but no support or new offerings of the same type.

Some of the old NOS SW product is still for sale by gauge vendors and Ebay sellers but it is all clearance sale stuff ,and in some instances,at way reduced prices.
The problem I have with Summit and other big house vendors is that they do not clearly state that some of the SW product (or any other manufacturer's stuff) they currently offer is limited to stock on hand because it is no longer produced or supported by the manufacturer. It should be clearly stated that the stuff is NOS with no manufacturer's warranty or support.Price should be drasticly reduced to reflect that condition as well.
The newer SW line is scaled way back form 9 years ago with the emphasis on their commercial & fleet/OEMlook instruments and some nostalgia hotrod dashboard stuff but that is about it.
So much for the world's most trusted name in guages.

The parent company that currently owns the rights to produce the SW gauge line was called "MAXIMA Tecchnologies"
And is appearently headquartered in Pa.
They are just trading on the old SW name.

Here is the latest Business Week news on Maxima
If you read down you see where they again closed a production facility in the USA and have moved production to Juarez Mexico.
So much for creating jobs here at home.
And now the parent company has once again changed its name but is still trading on the SW name.
They have 3 guage brands
Or whatever label they happen to be slapping on their canned corn this week.

Stewart-Warner-Southwind heat exchanger division is a separate business entity.It has no business affiliations with MAXIMATECC and because they want no association with any Maximatecc shenanigans they have changed the company name to Meggit Cotrol Systems.

For many years Stewart Warner used to be the "Go To" for gauges and related stuff.
The company was originally based out of Chicago with production facilities there and 700 employees.
Then in the early 1970s SW literally fell off the face of the earth.
You could no longer readily find their products at local parts houses unless it was N.O.S. or possibly "special ordered".
Sometime after that SW was only sold commercially to fleet maintenance markets or OEMs.
In 2004 SW tried to make a splash to re-enter into the retail high performance gauge market again.
The SW offerings looked very promising but now not so much so.
Guess it was just that a big splash.

The whole sordid story is explained here, kind of.
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I still have some vintage Stewart Warner gauges. I had a oil pressure gauge that was not connected and was sitting in a old car for a long time. It a mechanical oil pressure gauge. I hooked it up in another car and it works perfect, it does not leak one drop of oil. I try and snag SW gauges if I see them at swap meets at good prices.
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