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Default Just the facts!

I don't really care about peoples peoples foul vendetta or childish behavior...but the facts are skewed regarding who works for All Pontiac on Tiger cylinder heads development AND production. The truth... Checkered Flag Machine is contracted by All Pontiac to develop race and street Tiger heads for production. As well as their "as cast" manifold. We are responsible for about 90% of the heads sold thru All Pontiac!

Custom or "one of" cylinder heads are available from us, but have never been advertised. Others have done development for THEIR OWN personal projects or customers projects.This has NOTHING to do with the ported heads sold thru All Pontiac. Most of my development has been to bring a CNC repeatable head to market that requires no welding or relocation. However some prototyping may be applied to future "as cast" heads . Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have...and I hope this will clear the air some.

Another myth that should be dispelled...is that the custom manifold that Gaby worked on for us...as well the Dale Cubic carb...was 3-4 tenths of improvement on Frank's test car. We saw small gains with both the manifold and carb...any gains are good at this power level! But not almost a half a second from the manifold and carb alone...c'mon guys...give me some credit! that Tiger manifold that I machined for a shear plate and gave mild plenum work...went 7.47@ 182.25. So give or take...we found about a tenth to thirteen hendredths total in everything we changed. Sorry Gaby...I hope custom cast manifold sales don't plummet , but facts is facts! Atmosphere plays a major role in N/A cars. Just the way it is!

I just had get some of this off my chest...and I hope some of the bickereing stops on here...we are basically all on the same team...we should act like it! Cheers guys! Johnny
Checkered Flag Machine & Ceralli Competition Engines
Competition engines , Induction development & 5-axis CNC porting
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I'm locking this thread, so it dosen't turn into another pissing contest.

Thanks for the facts.
The things they hide, the way they spin things, the excuses that they make and the things they omit.
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