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Unhappy Roland Racing Ported CV-1 Heads:

For Sale: One set of CNC ported CV-1 Constant NON Velocity 1 Heads:

The original deal was initiated with Roland Racing on these heads back in February & that these heads were flowing 460 plus.
Actual flow is 390 + at best. Air velocity is worse then a stock set of unported CV-1’s. I don’t know who did the initial CNC program or care at this point. These heads were in a deal to upgrade my racing program thru Jim Sammons of Roland Racing. 5 months later I was told by Jim, Oh well what you see is what you get. If ya want them fixed have it done. Would have to be done at my expense.
The current shop I had check the heads as I received them told me it would cost me more to try and repair them then doing a set of virgin heads and still no guarantee with the amount of aluminum hogged out of them in the wrong places. All testing since I received them was done by one of the highest quality head and development performance companies in the USA. I am currently having the second test confirmed by another engine shop locally that has some of the fastest and record setting heads up limited tire cars in the country.
Just so there is no misconception with the sale of this item and other CV-1 stuff I have.
Included in the sale: NEW 2.300 titanium intakes with 1.73 black nitrated S.S. exhaust valves. You will also have to install 2 core plugs not in the one head when received.
You will have to either have the exhaust guides replaced or pressed back in to the original height. I guess they were push up out of the port for the awesome CNC program that was run?
I received them initially as such. Guides will have to be reamed as I couldn’t get the exhausts in and the intakes are tight. One was re-installed, honed to get the flow numbers in one port I have. Also supplied will be the original flow numbers given to me back on March 9th when I order my cam with given specs. These heads were supposed to be ready to go by adding springs to try and make 950 N/A. You will also have to weld up the area under the outside drain back holes in the deck or a leak will develop. This is a manufacturing or machining flaw. You will have to have the valve job checked as they are being sold as I received them.
I have a lot of blood, sweat and tears in a deal gone bad but not thru my lack of trying to contact Jim without any response. And a 5 month plus wait. I have done nothing but patiently wait on Jim of Roland Racing while other jobs proceeded ahead of me.

I need to ask $3,000 just to regroup a 1/64th of the investment I have in this CV-1 development & racing deal over the passed year and a half. They are Sold As is and NO guarantee. As I was told, what you see is what you get.
The deal fell thru but not for the lack of information, testing, internet posting, time involvement and financial investment in parts of well over $10,000 to run a CV-1 specific head out of my pocket in the last year and a half.
So here ya go. You can play with them. Any questions feel free to e-mail or call me. 352-796-8800

************************************************** *****************
I will also have the following for sale in the coming weeks.
For Sale:

CV-1 Heads, Intake and upper end:

New never run. Currently bolted on my engine.
Unported CV-1 canted valve heads.
Multi angle valve job
Deck water passage holes welded shut and heads surfaced to 88 cc’s
0-rings installed.
Ferrea #6000 series 2.250 intakes w/1.735 exhaust
Comp #26099 roller valve springs: 245seat/693 open. Good for .800 lift.
Comp titanium retainers with 10 degree keepers.
Comp and Isky spring pocket cups. (2.050 installed height)
Assembled and ready to run.
CV-1 single 4bbl 4500 series intake. Port matched & massaged in all areas. You need this intake to run with the Open Chamber heads as it is drilled for the .120 taller head.
New Edelbrock water neck supplied with package.

ARP CV-1 head stud kit with 12 point nuts: used

Pro pan modified valve covers for CV-1 heads.
Will work with std rockers or shaft assembly.
Paid full price & they were made too short. Had to have a ¾” spacer (that Roland Racing did supplied) and have welded to the bottom to clear the rockers with a.650 lift camshaft.

CV-1 5/16” guideplates

CV-1 3/8” guideplates

16- CV-1 hyd roller 5/16” intake and exhaust pushrods;

16- CV-1 3/8” Smith bros 145 wall pushrods: with 210 degree ball on the rocker end for high lift camshafts.

16- CV-1 5/16” Smith bros 120 wall pushrods: with 210 degree ball on rocker end for high lift camshafts.

2 sets of CV-1 intake gaskets.

Ten (10) CV-1 pistons: 2 are new and spares. 8 have about 30 plus passes. I have complete records of the time on all my CV-1 stuff for verification on sale.
Fit a 4.380 bore. 4.5 stroke w/a 6.8 rod.
Tops are heat barrier coated & sides Teflon coated. 1/16" rings.

Hooker round port headers: These have 60 passes on them and the ????? have been modified to fit in the chassis of my 76 trams am. 2 ????? heated and moved for clearance and other with slight flatten even after modifying my lower arms. The exhaust port is about 5/8” higher and couldn’t use my $1500.00 set of 2 1/8” custom stepped headers.

Stud girdles possibly available, but was stopped in near completed state.
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Name:	MVC-041S.JPG
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