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prodigal son
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Originally Posted by Gach View Post
Can’t stop laughing, Best analogy ever.
a lot of these so-called Pontiac guys need it,
word is out that Pontiac guys have emotional problems...
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I like your Avatar...picture. Its same asshole on PY whos been plugging race section for years now. Their all experts..know enough to be dangerous. Usually guys like that Life’s are mess up, you know the old saying misery loves company. If you got something they’re extremely jealous
The things they hide, the way they spin things, the excuses that they make and the things they omit.
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prodigal son
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Originally Posted by Gach View Post
I like your Avatar...picture.
yeh I posted that here on PZ a long time ago as my avatar,
then changed it.
my gut tells me that's where Big Chief may have got the idea from ....seriously
just a hunch...cuz you don't see any other primered 70's anywhere on the net or elsewhere.
paintwork got crazy $5000-$6000 for a paint job that fades and falls off anyway in a couple years.
after having 4 of them painted by others and myself in past,
I decided f-k it a $100 primer job is all I'm gonna do from now on.
life it too short to worry about what other people think about my cars.
they are for me to enjoy, not them.
if it's got the right motor in it, it's worth money anyway.
the Firebird had the same primer job and it sold for 11 grand,
I rest my case...so WTF do I care....why bother
if I sold the GTO it would go for good money too,
cuz it's got all GM NOS fenders, quarters, rear bumper, Judge spoilers on it,
that I bought in the 1980's right from the dealer for $150-$200 each
not that cheap Chinese schit repop restampings.
you stay in this hobby long enough, you get to pick the plums...

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Reading these replys i often see why the world is so screed up!!
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