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Rich in Tucson, I don't know what the post your wrote is about. I don't see anything in any of my posts that would be in any form or reference to your comment. Your post about iron heads seems to have nothing to do with the posts in this section at all. I think you may be the one with to much coffee as your comment is about ,,, well I just don't know. Your statement about it being your car has nothing to do with any of the other post here. Are you feeling lonely & just have to make some stupid comment so others will talk to you?? But I could care less about your car & weather your have 4 sets or a dozen set of alum. heads. You can build what you want. I think maybe your one of THOSE from that other site that just has to make stupid comment to be seen as a big shot. But frankly by making stupid comments that have nothing to do with the other posts just makes you look ,, well childish.
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