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Default Pontiac straight 8s.

Any good sites/forums that cover the old straight 8. Just watched a concours park road hill climb on u-tube and thought it would be fun to make an old road race type homebuilt road race rod. I'm wondering if there were any better/best years/sized/part motors that would be the best engine to start with? You could use a cheaper late model 5 speed or even a saginaw 4 speed and add on one of the 3 speed overdrive units for the road. A 2X3 frame. Most any cheaper late model rearends, 10 bolt?? or even a Mustang 8.8. build the body out of sheet steel or even aluminum if affordable. Some tall skinny wheels and tires.
It would be fun to build the st8 8 solid and even add a GM supercharger to it for a little extra oomph.
Even a OHCam Pontiac 6 would work. And maybe a little cheaper in the long run. There I go overthinking again. Any thoughts and direction to forums on the st8 8 would be appreciated. This is just a mind/imagination excersize at this point though. Thanks guys. Mark L
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