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Default USER REVIEW: Mothers Powerball

The Mothers Powerball is basically a foam ball that attaches to any drill, and is used along with Mothers Metal Polish to clean/polish billet aluminum wheels, or anything that needs polishing. The idea behind the powerball is to cut down on polishing time, and it is said to be able to get into tight places, such as grooves in your wheels.

Wanting to cut down on the 2 hour task of hand polishing my billet wheels, I decided to purchase the Powerball, and give it a "spin!"

Following the instruction to the letter, I started off by cleaning my wheels, and drying them. (pic 2 & 3)

The wheels had a light haze and a few water spots that I wanted to get out. (pic 4) I first attached the powerball to a cordless drill. I then applied the Mothers Metal Polish to the Powerball as instructed. I then went to work on the wheels, covering the entire wheel, and working the Powerball in and out of each slot/cutout in the wheel. (pic 5) I used the Powerball like I would any other polisher, and allowed the ball to polish and remove the hazed polish from the wheels, using light pressure. Once finished, I then wiped down the wheel with a 100% USA Cotton towel.

The Results

As you can see by the pics, the results were nice. (pics 6-8) The powerball did not remove the waterspots like I had hoped, so I had to finish that up later by hand. The entire wheel took exactly 7 minutes to do, including the wipe down with the towel. The Powerball did not reach into the smaller areas of the grooves and cutouts, and just barely fit in between the larger areas. The Powerball did not get into the 90 degree angles of the wheel either. It did however, work around the valve stem very nicely, which has always been a trouble spot when polishing by hand. The overall look of the wheel was nice, but wasn't remarkable like they make it sound.

The Review

My opinion of the Mothers Powerball is that it's a good useful tool if you only need to polish your wheels quickly, and they aren't in need of a good cleaning. I believe it's a good tool for those who hate polishing wheels, but do not want their wheels to go to waste from any sort of build up of road grime. Is it worth the price? Certainly not! At around $30+ for the powerball alone, Mothers in no way justifies this price. It's more of a value at around $10 in my opinion. They would probably sell a lot more of them too. Basically it's just a sliced up foam ball on a small shaft. One can do a lot better job by hand. The time it saves may be worth it to many though.

I give the Mothers Powerball 3 out of 5 Arrowheads!
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