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Originally Posted by 455 Cranky
No matter how good a paint job is, there is always one better. No matter how good you paint it, there is always a painter with a bigger ego. The car will never win a car show unless it lives in the garage.
No ego Cranky..
Nor does my car sit in a garage
A car doesn't have to be a "garage/trailer Queen" to win at a car show...

I'm pretty mellow about most things...
But when it comes to what I consider a "show quality" paint job...
I get pretty anal...
Probably one of the reasons that I'm asked to be a judge at a car show next month.

I'll be the first to admit..
That Pontiac "Purist" hate my car... and have been placed because of it..

But I've also built enough cars for folks to take trophies home with..
That I like to think that I know what I'm talking about

"Bye" Bye" Riceboy
(Ex-wife fore sale... take over payments)
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