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Originally Posted by A. X.
The most important part of many of these high end "show quality" paint jobs is the color sanding and polishing process. Not the actual painting. Once a paint is flattened with the sand paper, and polished out, it looks 20 times better. This is why I've never been one to spend a ton of money on paint. The real artwork comes after the paint has dried.
As a person that does do "show quality" paint work..
There really is a lot more involved to make a high quality paint job.
The actual spraying of the product is the least complicated part.
But you are right about one thing...
The final cut and rub will dictate how the car will look..

Cutting and rubbing magnifies EVERY flaw in the base by about 200%

the flatter the paint, the more it reflects the flaws.

As far as paint prices go....
Some Urethanes are definitely better then others.. just go in the store with thinking about what you want the car to look like...

From what I hear...
For the daily driver... kirker is a good paint to use...

If you're going to be spraying a metallic color... definitely go 2 stage

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