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topic 23301 should be open to allow others to add data to my list.

Summary section is primarily advertised flow and can move a little. Details portion is just that and known hp can influence stack ranking of the summary based on horsepower but it is admittadly subjective if I do. I think at this point the tiger is currently king even if advertised 10cfm less than CNC cv1. Not enough data yet on CNC cv1 to be #1 soley on flow numbers. That could change. Heck we could get another unknown head that eclipses both now.

Details section should have flow numbers, data including bore size in h2o etc., costs, including complimentary parts required to use them.

We dont race flow bench we dont race dyno and not many have John Langers resources to attain his power level even with his parts. SO.... Why is there fear of stack ranking based on their own advertised numbers??? vs only being able to brag as to whom makes the most power with that vendors part. Are they afraid they have to stay competitive to stay on top??

From the Ford site:

"The pecking order is debatable, and certainly the size of the engine that you intend to use them on comes into play here."

"Probably more importantly than the pecking order of the heads is who you choose to do the valve job, the porting and flow testing of the heads. In other words, the quality of the work. What I'm saying is, a head that is lower in the pecking order, can surpass a head that is above it due to being properly prepped."

So yeah it can get subjective but I want to keep it realistic too.
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